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TAQA CEO Speaks on Globalization

On Tuesday, January 22, the Globalization Club hosted a visit from Peter Barker-Homek, Chief Executive Officer of TAQA (Abu Dhabi National Energy Company). With extensive experience in Energy and M&A, Peter has held senior positions with BP, BG International, Pacific Enterprises and Merrill Lynch before moving to join TAQA as its CEO. Established in 2005,…


International Students Weigh in on Visa Issues

For EC students, recruiting and the associated stress of deciding on where to go after graduation is just on the horizon. To make the epic decision on which job to accept, many HBS students will weigh compensation, lifestyle, and location. For some international students who wish to stay in the US, visa issues are also…


Embracing the Future, the Next Big Step for Business

During the four-day break last month, many students missed the wonderful opportunity to participate in a landmark event just to our north at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. It was there that the second annual Business Sustainability Initiative conference took place on February 27, 2004, which was co-hosted by Tuck and Dartmouth’s Thayer School of…


Did We Get Hosed? The Other Side of Globalization

Two weeks ago, Lord John Browne, CEO of BP, spoke to a crowded Burden Auditorium about the virtues of BP and global corporate citizenship. In his speech, he defended globalization and multinational corporations such as his own and suggested that corporations can play a vital, if limited, role in securing social welfare around the globe….


Sir John Browne, Chief Executive of BP, Emphasizes the Importance of Trust in Demonstrating that Globalization is a Source of Human Progress

April 3 – As part of the ongoing “Rising to the Challenge” speaker series, the Chief Executive of BP, Sir John Browne, addressed the topic of “The Role of Multinational Corporations in Economic and Social Development of Poor Countries.” Lord Browne began by citing the “climate of distrust” that surrounds international trade and investment in…


Clean Oil Is Slick Proposition

Vacations on island paradises and ski retreats may come to an end in the next several years for HBS students. In fact, “most of the earth’s people will be on the losing side,” says Harvard University environmental scientist James McCarthy, who co-chaired a panel covering last week’s heralded “Climate Change 2001” report by the UN….

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