Who Has Time for Classical Music?

Who can possibly find time to attend a three-hour classical music performance when there are urgent e-mails to reply to, dense case studies to read, and company presentations to attend? HBS students should make the extra effort; a classical music concert has the potential to influence and change one’s world view. How can the businessman… Continue reading Who Has Time for Classical Music?

The Boston Symphony Orchestra: A Review

The Boston Symphony Orchestra, an institution dating back to 1881, offers weekly concerts honoring a variety of composers and the music that makes them so famous. For example, the list of March performances includes works of Beethoven, Brahms, Stravinsky, Mozart, and Gershwin. As an avid classical music fan and regular symphony supporter, I was excited… Continue reading The Boston Symphony Orchestra: A Review

Upcoming Events in Boston

Theater addresses and phone numbers listed below Check Fleet Center master schedule for listing of Celtics and Bruins games March * All month “After the Big Dig: Artists and Architects Imagine” Free exhibit, Boston Public Library * 4th-9th, “Contact”, Wang Theater* 6th-8th, Requiem, Boston Symphony Orchestra* 6th, Lou Rawls, Concert, Plymouth Memorial Hall* 8th, “Get… Continue reading Upcoming Events in Boston