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The Harbus Guide to the Boston Marathon

There is nothing HBS students like more than a long weekend. Next Monday, April 19, is Patriots’ Day, an incongruous Massachusetts state holiday commemorating the Revolutionary War battles of Lexington and Concord. To most Bostonians, however, Patriots’ Day is known as “Marathon Monday” because it marks the annual running of the venerable Boston Marathon. The…


A Rookie’s Journey to Run the Boston Marathon

Revelry – and a Long RunAs I discovered a few days beforehand, my 21-mile, longest-ever training run was scheduled for bright and early the morning after the EC Revelry ball – talk about bad timing.ΓΏ Safe to say, there was no way I was going to miss my final formal event at HBS in such…


HBSers Going the Distance

In the early morning hours of April 17, nearly 24,000 runners gathered in Hopkington, MA, for the 110th Boston Marathon. The field included 15 HBS students with equal representation from RC and EC classes. What began as a cold, overcast day turned into a bright and balmy afternoon with perfect conditions for both runners and…


The Parable of the 108th Boston Marathon

There everyone was awaiting the call to the start line. It was 10:00 AM and we were about 25 miles from Boston, in beautiful and sunny Hopkinton, MA. In the pre-race staging area some were stretching, some were talking amongst themselves, some were applying lubrication and sunscreen to every inch of their bodies, some were…


CW: Renamed and Ready to Rock

After a summer of unbridled, dusk to dawn rock-n-roll living, CW is back in Boston and ready to jam. Actually, the band members spent most of their summer as management consultants, investment bankers, and Internet entrepreneurs, but this was only a small sidetrack on their road to international rock stardom. Female vocalist Charu Juneja (OD)…


Section B Competes in Boston Marathon

While most HBS Students spent Patriots Day lounging in the sun, reading cases, or searching for that perfect summer job, 12 members of Section NB competed in the 2002 Boston Marathon. The night before the race, these sectionmates gathered at the house of Michael Chang for the traditional pre-race meal of pasta. After dinner and…


ENERGY! You Will Feel It

This is the second article in a series by the HBS Boston Marathon Team.ENERGY! Do you feel it? Read the story of six of your classmates who are running the Boston Marathon for the West End Boys and Girls Club marathon charity program and come to the ENERGY! fundraising party this Thursday April 4th, and…


Meet your HBS

Compiled by Dan Shanoff (OA) Brendan Biggins (OE)Besides training for the marathon, I like to: …spend every other waking moment preparing the numbers for my cases.Personal ideal running conditions: Quiet morning. Sun slowly rising. Cool 60 degrees. No one around…just me and the road.Favorite Carbohydrate-laden food: Little Debbie Nutty Bars.Favorite song on running mix tape:…


One Year in the B Hive

As the year draws to a close there is an air of melancholy in the Hive. There are some subtle indicators that people are becoming increasingly aware that good times in Aldrich 108 are not going to last forever. There are more section bonding events than ever, and mid-week cases are taking a backseat. Professors…


It's Getting Closer!! FAQs about the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is only one week away, and it is time to nail down some logistical issues as well as answer some of those burning questions that I know have been keeping you all up at night. But first, let’s announce the first winner in this year’s marathon. As many of you know, several…


Less Taxing Resources

While the first daffodil or crocus may signal the return of the warming sun, the yellow of the daffodil may also bring to mind the warning yellow of the metaphoric traffic light-halfway between money’s green and the red face of frustration trying to decipher your applicable tax codes. To keep your hunt for tax forms…


ENERGY – It's Coming and You Can't Stop It

ENERGY. Some people exude it while others struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Where can you find some extra energy to make it through the semester? In this, the second in a series of articles highlighting the efforts of six of your classmates to run the Boston Marathon and raise funds for…

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