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What Will Be Our Legacy?
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What Will Be Our Legacy?

By Hayling Price, Harvard MBA/MPP ’16 HBS has come quite a long way. As an American, one of my fondest memories here was the section flag ceremony that highlighted our mosaic of international perspectives. As a straight man, I’m also proud to be on a campus that observes National Coming Out Day and recently commemorated 50…

One Month Is Not Enough
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One Month Is Not Enough

By Amber James, Harvard JD/MBA Class of 2019 I hate Black History Month. I love black people, and I love history, but I hate Black History Month. The very concept is offensive. Black history is American history.  The America of today never could have existed were it not for the black people of African origin whose…

A Word from HBS’ African American Student Union (AASU) Co-Presidents
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A Word from HBS’ African American Student Union (AASU) Co-Presidents

This is Franci (section H) and Al (section D) and we’re the Co-Presidents of the African American Student Union (AASU). As many of you may know, on February 12, 1926, American historian Carter G. Woodson established Black History Week to celebrate the positive contributions made by people of African descent to our nation. For many…


Black History Month Explored

February is marked as Black History Month in the United States and serves as a way to recognize the many contributions of black Americans to the country’s rich history.  Originally, Black History Month was celebrated for a week (Negro History Week) during the month of February.  In 1926, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, a Harvard educated…



In its return to the HBS campus on December 8, 2006 after a one year hiatus, Sankofa both surprised and delighted, captivating the audience of nearly 600. As the lights dimmed in Burden Auditorium, the air filled with anticipation for what was to be one of the best performances ever witnessed on the campus of…


Sankofa: Celebrating Our African Heritage

Over 200 students participated in the 2nd Annual celebration of Sankofa, a student-run event hosted by the African American Student Union, Africa Business Club, and Caribbean Business Club. The word “Sankofa” comes from the Akan – Twi language spoken in Ghana, West Africa. It means: “We must look back into the past so that we…


Veritas. Truth. "And the truth shall set you free."

Black History Month is regarded as a time of reflection. A time to appreciate the contributions of African-Americans who believed in individual sacrifice for the benefit of the community. African-Americans who understood that sometimes you must forfeit personal gain for broad advancement. African Americans who were so committed to visions of the future that they…


Michael Anderson: From the Ground to the Sky

Born on December 25th in 1959, Michael P. Anderson, was a Lieutenant Colonel with the United States Air Force (USAF) and NASA Astronaut that sadly died in the Columbia tragedy. Anderson began his career as the Chief of Communication Maintenance at Randolph AFB, Texas after graduating from the University of Washington in 1981. Anderson went…


Black History Month

Black History Month is time for all of us to reflect on the many contributions and the rich ethnic heritage of African Diaspora. When my son Greg saw his first images of slavery in Tanzania last May, he couldn’t understand it. I tried to explain; but he has grown up in a world where everyone…


Celebrate American History

The first time I remember talking about Black History Month was in church in Gulfport, Mississippi. My Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Cager, said that we had to choose a person to portray in the Black History Program. I chose Dr. Carter G. Woodson. I picked Dr. Woodson because I had heard my father talk about…


Turbulent Times: HBS in the 1960s

This article is the second of four pieces detailing the history of African Americans at HBS for Black History Month, and is co-sponsored by the African American Student Union (AASU) and the Baker Library Historical Collection. The years following World War II marked a dramatic transition in the U.S., especially in terms of race relations….

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