They Said It…

“The Achilles’ Heel of globalization is that we’ve been driven to over-optimization resulting in maximum vulnerability.”Niall Ferguson, attempting to explain the underlying cause of the current financial contagion. “If you board a Boeing 777 from Beijing to JFK airport, you’d have a hard time picking which one was the emerging market.” Jeffrey Immelt, illustrating the… Continue reading They Said It…

Bill Gates: The Power of Creative Capitalism & Innovation

Bill Gates, as Emeritus Professor James Cash pointed out in his opening, is well known enough that he no longer needs an introduction. And so Cash brought up on the large overhead a photo Gates rarely seen – his mug shot. A poignant reminder that the richest man in the world is human after all.… Continue reading Bill Gates: The Power of Creative Capitalism & Innovation

Genuine Prosperity

America, the land of opportunity and success, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world; yet, the country is also known to be one of the highest Prozac-popping countries in the world. Perhaps the definition of wealth and prosperity must be more carefully defined. According to Tom Butler-Bowden, author of 50 Prosperity Classics, wealth… Continue reading Genuine Prosperity

Feathered Friends

No, this article is not a study of avian evolution, a treatise on bird reproduction or even a paper investigating turkey migratory patterns (my days of publishing actual academic research are over, much to the joy of the scientific community). I’m concerned with, or at least bemused by, the recent explosion of the on-campus turkey… Continue reading Feathered Friends

Why You Should Not Feel Sorry for Bill Gates

On April 23, Bill Gates took the witness stand for the first time in the antitrust case against Microsoft. At one point he said that Microsoft is facing disintegration. If the remedies proposed in the antitrust action were accepted, he argued, Microsoft’s business and technology model would be in peril, innovation would be discouraged and… Continue reading Why You Should Not Feel Sorry for Bill Gates