Insider’s Perspective – China

China is the country where Confucianism is deeply rooted in daily routine and harmony is built within individual, family, and community. It is the country where you can enjoy the exciting modern life and appreciate the miraculous ancient wisdom and the country where a dragon is mascot but everyone loves the pandas. China welcomes you.… Continue reading Insider’s Perspective – China

Career Profiles – Courtney Bass

Career Field Prior to HBS:Teach for America, Philadelphia Founded & ran small travel company Beijing, China Position in Monitor Group:Summer Consultant Why did you choose an internship with Monitor Group?There were two major things that drew me to Monitor’s summer program. The first was that the program is really small; there were only 8 summer… Continue reading Career Profiles – Courtney Bass

2009 China Trek – Xi’an

Xi’an presented a phenomenal addition to our itinerary.ÿA mere hop, skip, and a plane ride away from Beijing, Xi’an is generally known as a convenient night’s stay for travelers focused on seeing the world-famous Terra Cotta Warriors.ÿ However, by the time we left, most of us couldn’t help but feel sorry that we were only… Continue reading 2009 China Trek – Xi’an

Immersion Experience – Reflections on the China IXP Understanding a business environment

When I asked several of my co-students how they experienced the China IXP and what they took away from it, I got very diverse answers. Next to “a daring food experience”, “a love for Karaoke” and “new friends”, a few themes seemed to be common. I will come back to these throughout my story. Many… Continue reading Immersion Experience – Reflections on the China IXP Understanding a business environment

Summer Stories-Class of 2009

As I reflect back upon my summer, I’d like to pass along (especially to RCs or others interested in media, entertainment, or sports) some of the things I learned along the way. The internship search can definitely be a time-intensive process. I’ll admit that my search was a little on the unconventional side. Not sure… Continue reading Summer Stories-Class of 2009

The Beijing Olympic Volunteer Trek

Last August 13 to 27, a select group of 36 RCs and ECs from 17 different countries participated in a once-in-a-lifetime event: TheBeijing Olympic Volunteer Trek. The idea of organizing a trek to China during the Olympics and volunteering for the Games was first posted on the prematriculation bulletin board in May 2007. After almost… Continue reading The Beijing Olympic Volunteer Trek

China Immersion Experience 2007: The Cultural Counterrevolution

There is no teacher like experience, and few places have as much to teach as China. From January 2 to January 13, over 60 HBS students and their partners along with four faculty and staff embarked on a quixotically ambitious tour of China: six cities, three alumni receptions, 21 group meals, two cases and two… Continue reading China Immersion Experience 2007: The Cultural Counterrevolution

China Trek: HBSers Travel to Beijing, Hong Kong

William Fung, drunken shrimp, midnight karaoke, rows of empty glasses of Chivas & green tea, and venture capitalists – what do these all have in common? These were just a few of the highlights of this year’s China Trek. For nine days, starting in Beijing and progressing south to Shanghai before culminating in Hong Kong,… Continue reading China Trek: HBSers Travel to Beijing, Hong Kong

Harvard Disinvestment Initiative Stirs Debate

Harvard announced on April 4th that it will sell its stake in PetroChina in response to pressure from students and faculty members who had protested association with the Beijing-based oil company for its ties to Sudan, where government-backed militiamen have killed tens of thousands of black Muslim villagers in the Darfur region. The Corporation Committee… Continue reading Harvard Disinvestment Initiative Stirs Debate

HBS Greater China Career Trek 2005

Students on the HBS Greater China Trek visited Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing all in one whirlwind week. Here, students stopped for a photo before visiting GE’s China Technology Center in Shanghai.

Exclusive HBS Interview with Marjorie M.T. Yang

One of the prominent recipients of the 2002 HBS Alumni Achievement Award is Marjorie M.T. Yang, Chairman and Chief Executive of The Esquel Group, the largest garment manufacturer in the world. Based in China, her company manufactures high quality garments for some of the world’s greatest designers, including Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Marks & Spencer… Continue reading Exclusive HBS Interview with Marjorie M.T. Yang

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We would like to use this week’s Harbus as an opportunity to say hello to everyone and to introduce ourselves as the new co-presidents of the Partners’ Club. The election of our new Steering Committee was held in mid-February. Our new team consists of a diverse, fun, dynamic, and eager group of people who bring… Continue reading Section p