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Entrepreneurship is Overrated

I mean, we really, deeply, unabashedly, lust after entrepreneurship. It’s the dream job. Do whatever you want! No rules! Your own office, your own schedule, everything exactly the way you like it. There’s all kinds of statistics pointing to our collective interest in the profession (though, rather than having me actually research and cite any,…


The Startup Life: Narragansett and Other Ventures

What company were you working at? I worked for a Boston entrepreneur, Eric Spitz, supporting numerous projects: 1)      Raising 500k for a social media startup. 2)     Raising 5MM to spin out a services company in the renewable energy space. 3)     Private purchase of a New England media company. 4)      Sales strategy for Narragansett Brewing Co….


Oktoberfest 2009

HBSers were in Munich last month to celebrate the 176th Oktoberfest, the most famous folk festival-and beer festival-in the world. The first barrel of beer was tapped by the Lord Mayor on opening Sunday and groups in traditional garb from all over Europe marched to the Theresienwiese www.replicabestsale.co.uk. The blissful, beer-laden festival lasted for a…


Rugby Player Profile

POSITION: Inside Center. It allows me to run at people that are hopefully slower than me. HOMETOWN: Philadelphia. I’m actually one of the meat carcasses that Rocky punches in the meat cooler in the movie. WHERE DID YOU PLAY RUGBY BEFORE HBS? I used to play touch rugby for the Marines in the sands of…


Section Rundown – SECTION F

The Section F experience has meant different things to different people. F has offered friendship, financial guidance, and fodder for hilarious skydecks and loving impressions. We are bonded by thoughts of wanting more money, rather than less; crazy late night emails; a strong desire to chant the names of our compatriots; colorful outfit wars; beer…


From Mauritius to Harvard

For those who don’t know, Mauritius is a faint dot in the Indian Ocean off Madagascar. Our marketing strategy is “we are out of this world.” And yes, paradise it is. ‘Life is journey, not a destination.’ As I ponder on this wonderful Chinese proverb (I add the Chinese proverb to give more weight to…


Random Rants

American Sporting ReferencesIf you are going to describe someone’s role in a case discussion as a ‘pinch hitter’ or a ‘quarterback’, please spare a thought for those of us who grew up with sports such as soccer, cricket and rugby (a good 30% of the class, apparently) and explain to us what on earth you…


HBS Debate Team Prepares for its Final Showdown of the Year

The debate team has had a strong year thanks to a win over Yale last term and several successful debates on campus. Topics have ranged from green issues to asking whether greed was good. But how is debating different from just an everyday classroom discussion? “Debating is quite a formal process,” Michael Walsh explains. “The…


Restaurant Review – Cambridge Brewing Company

CBC blends a passion for fresh, flavorful beer and delicious, imaginative cuisine to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience for greater Boston. The atmosphere is nice and casual. The walls are decorated simply, with high ceilings, and an airy floor. The interior certainly shows some potential but it is defeated by the Pizza Hut tables, kitchen…


Team Indo Comes from Behind to Win First Annual Indo-Asian Octathlon

On February 8, 2007, Team Indo brought home the Gold Cup of the first Annual Indo-Asian Octathlon held at the SFP common room. Against the backdrop of fans, cheerleaders, a decisive officiating crew, tough competition, and a tailgate atmosphere, both teams represented well and showed great sportsmanship in the much hyped event. “I think this…


Rugby A-Team Shows New London Who Is Boss

In its game on Sunday, September 24, against the New London County RFC, the A-side from HBS scored an emphatic 15-7 win. For those who are accustomed to reading about more crushing defeats scored by the HBS A-side against MBA teams from Wharton or Stanford, let me provide a gentle reminder that this is the…


The Barbarians Rule!

The HBS Barbarians manfully strutted off the field Sunday, September 24, after handing a crushing lesson in the gentleman’s game to the Suffolk Law School B-side, proving that “B” stands for Barbarians and not Barristers. With the final score at 50-0 (8 tries, 5 conversions), it is hard to imagine that the Barbarians played against…


Back to School Party: Class is in Session at Mantra

Like Wayne Gretzky on a loose puck, HBS students were all over the Canadian Club’s “Back to School” party at Mantra last week.ÿ Given all the long weekends and traveling that many of the 2nd years seem to be doing this term, there was a lot of enthusiasm and energy about getting everyone (both years)…


Austria Trek: Waltz, Wonder and Wiener Schnitzel in the Alps

This winter break offered me the unique opportunity to become more involved in the HBS community. Arriving as a partner in the second year, the Austria trip with the HBS Ski & Snowboard Club was the perfect time and place to make new friends. As one of the organizers, I was able to show my…


Restaurant Review: Ginza – Japanese Gem in Chinatown

I finally found a solution to the interminably long lunchtime lines for sushi at Spangler. Taking advantage of the first long weekend of the year, we decided to finally get away from the HBS campus and explore downtown Boston. Exploring with a specific destination in mind was perhaps a bit ambitious given my general confusion…


Class of 1950 Reunion Ends in Chaos, One Arrest

A weekend meant to reignite a sense of nostalgia and emotion for the respected, time-honored HBS alumni devolved into chaos and debauchery this past Saturday. Police were forced to bring an abrupt end to the festivities put on by Class of 1967, a class whose legacy prior to the incident had been the donation of…


HBS Student Able to Recall Oktoberfest Experience

One HBS Student that participated in Oktoberfest was miraculously able to recall his whereabouts throughout the festive weekend. Despite several consecutive days of heavy partying and drinking games – all concentrated to five adjacent picnic tables in a Munich park – Mr. Nils “Benny Hill” Benneman of Old D, a former motivational speaker and DARE…


Harvard-Yale Tailgate: A Recap

Tailgating, for those HBS students that spent their undergraduate days at large Big 10 and SEC universities, brings back fond memories. Beer, ribs, dogs, an open flame. Some would say that the bonds of true friendship come only after you have shared a tasty beverage or two with 80 of your closest classmates, while trying…


Avoiding The Holiday Blues: Tips from an Expert

Some of us have better luck than others when it comes to holiday planning, and many of us have not had a prolonged winter break since we were undergraduates. So, if you haven’t started to think about your winter break yet, now is the time. I did my undergraduate degree at Boston University and I…


A Piece of Cake

Upon first stepping into the Orpheum Theatre (located near the Boston Common across from the Park Street Church), I immediately knew that this would be unlike any concert I had previously attended. First off, the theatre itself has the look and feel of a, uh, well, an old theatre. I wasn’t sure if I was…


The Sport Where Section J Conquered the World: Boat Racing

By Upon entering HBS, every student had a nervous anticipation about how they would measure up to the competition at this school. On a Friday afternoon in early September, the biggest fears of the new members of Section J were realized. When Old J completely crushed us in our first boat race we didn’t think…


How to Survive Friendly Fenway Park

Know this: while it may be the home of the Super Bowl Champions for two of the last three years, Boston is fundamentally a baseball town. For those of you who have yet to experience it, a trip to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game is a MUST before you leave this city. Since…


The Science Of Spring Break Calories

Everyone knows that Spring Break is bad for your health – many will drink and/or smoke too much, most will not do any serious exercise. This is all before we start to consider some of the more nefarious nocturnal activities that reputedly go on during this American tradition. This article attempts to get to the…


Making the Cobra Dance

Forty students from the Harvard Business School sat in the elegant surroundings of The Bombay Club in the heart of Harvard Square intently listening to the story of Cobra Beer Ltd, as told by its dapper UK-based founder and CEO Karan Bilimoria. In town for an Executive Education program at HBS as a member of…


The Super Bowl: A Woman's Perspective

“Man, it’s the freak’n Levitra commercial again” everyone moans. “What woman wants a man to last for thirty six hours anyway; sounds more like torture than pleasure” one of the girls adds before the room breaks into idle chatter. Despite ridiculously boring commercials (with the exception of Budweiser, which made the majority of the room…

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