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Sandra O. Moose, BCG Former Partner, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

By Courtney Davis (NE), Section E Representative Experiences and Perspectives in Consulting replica watches On November 11, 2010, Dr. Sandra O. Moose, a Boston Consulting Group (“”BCG””) Senior Advisor who joined the firm more than 40 years ago as its first female consultant, will be presented with Consulting magazine’s 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award at a…


Career Profiles – John Knapp

Career Field Prior to HBS:Engineering & Operations Management, Celanese CorporationCommodity and Specialized Chemicals Manufacturer Position at BCG: Summer Intern Why did you choose an internship at BCG?Prior to HBS, I had spent my career working in a large chemical plant in Houston, Texas, where I gained experience in operations and general management.├┐ My goal in…


Career Profiles – Selin Gunal

Career Field Prior to HBS: Li & Fung, Supply Chain Management, LEK Consulting, Digitas Online Advertising Strategy Position in BCG: Summer Consultant Why did you choose an internship with BCG?├┐Based on my work experiences prior to HBS and RC classes, I found strategy to be a fascinating area. While looking for a summer employer, BCG…


Take a Moment to Remember Those With MOS…

While many of you are still despairing over those painful interviews and lost job opportunities from Hell Week, trying to figure out how a decimal calculation or air conditioner supply chain kept you from a career path, I hope you will take a moment to support those in more desperate need. I am of course…


Leaders or Sheep?

Who among us are the true leaders? Those who follow the traditional paths, or those who chart their own? Has HBS made me a leader or facilitated my becoming a sheep? Very bright, motivated friends are leaving HBS. Other very talented friends went through Hell Week and came up empty. What is going on here?…


Recruiters Arrive on Campus, But Can They Offer Jobs?

Despite the gloom and doom predictions for the job market over the next year, the message from HBS Career Services is: “Don’t Panic.” While there is a reduction in the number of August Internships being offered and some delays for graduating students in beginning their jobs, the hope is that it will all be over…

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