The Future of Journalism

How can traditional news organizations compete with oceans of user-generated content and super-sophisticated search? Why pay for foreign news bureaus when consumers can simply visit local provider websites? Does the slow death of newspapers foreshadow the fate of journalism as we know it? Helen Boaden,a multi-award winning reporter and Director of BBC News, is the… Continue reading The Future of Journalism

BBC Brass Bashes War Coverage Biases

Greg Dyke, Director-General of the BBC, played to a packed Hawes Hall audience on April 2 in a lecture on “The Media’s Role in the War in Iraq.” After an introduction by Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter which revealed Dyke’s famous practice of distributing “cut the crap” yellow cards to enable subordinates to accomplish their goals,… Continue reading BBC Brass Bashes War Coverage Biases

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Did We Get Hosed? The Other Side of Globalization

Two weeks ago, Lord John Browne, CEO of BP, spoke to a crowded Burden Auditorium about the virtues of BP and global corporate citizenship. In his speech, he defended globalization and multinational corporations such as his own and suggested that corporations can play a vital, if limited, role in securing social welfare around the globe.… Continue reading Did We Get Hosed? The Other Side of Globalization

HBS' New Look On the Web

If you are like me, you probably experienced some system shock when you returned to campus this Fall. Indeed, the abrupt transition from cool jobs, free evenings (sorry bankers) and exotic vacations, to omnipresent construction, long lines at Spangler and vanishing commuter parking, to name a few, was quite disturbing. But while many of you… Continue reading HBS' New Look On the Web