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#OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC
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#OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC

By Jennifer Hurford, Harvard Business School Class of 2017 Secretly thankful you didn’t get any of those consulting/banking jobs you felt FOMOed into interviewing for? Here are some tips for getting a job in tech and VC brought to you straight from the mouths of HBS SF alums in big tech, start-ups, clean tech, and VC….


Are You on Twitter Yet?

“I have found it to serve so many functions at once: a way to get news, connect with friends, meet new people, and learn, all while fitting snugly into the Blackberry Bold attached to my hip,” says David Levine (OJ). The service gained notoriety for breaking news of the Mumbai attacks last November and the…


Regional Profiles – The West Coast – Is it the Best Coast?

Andy Morse (OC), Contributing Writer Sure, “best” rhymes with “west,” but is that all there is to this connection? You be the judge. As many students have likely discovered by now, the U.S. has another coast located about 3,000 miles from here. Found on the left side of a standard map of North America, the…


Immersion Experience – Reflections on the Silicon Valley IXP

The Silicon Valley IXP, Led by Professors Tom Eisenmann and Mike Roberts, brought fifty students with entrepreneurial ambitions to the Bay Area for six days in early January, to meet with the people and institutions that have led to the emergence of the region as the global leader in technological innovation and entrepreneurial success. Supplemented…


San Francisco part 2

The letter was sent before I finished. Here it is in entirety. Hi,I was actually editor of the Harbus back in 1978 (seems recent to me.) Now I am membership director of the HBS Association of Northern California (HBSANC). I believe that we and NY are the two largest HBS Alumni groups in the US….


Social Enterprise Perspectives: Managing a Double Bottom Line

Organization: Rubicon Bakery (a Rubicon Enterprises portfolio company)Location: Richmond, CA (north of San Francisco) Rubicon Bakery is part of Rubicon Programs, Inc. – a community based non-profit organization that has been serving the Bay Area since 1974. Rubicon is nationally recognized for its innovative programs that provide a comprehensive set of training, employment, housing and…


Thin Pickings in the Job Bank Got You Down?

For those of us who have only worked “in the bubble” the current situation seems bleak. As I trekked across the bridge this morning in to the howling wind the situation seemed even bleaker. I found myself envying the person who had sold me my daily dose of watery Boston coffee; they were employed. I…


Frogs Find Their Way Home

Like all RCs, Section NF disbanded back in May, with its members scattering all about the globe for summer travel and employ. Last week the members of F002 returned to the Frog Pond as Section OF, and the changes didn’t end there. Congratulations to David and Marie Wright, who brought their third daughter Megan into…

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