Sports Notes

Referring to Colts QB Payton Manning, Kicker Mike Vanderjagt said “Some guys have it, and some guys don’t.” Interesting thoughts from a kicker that only converted just 23-of-31 field-goal attempts and endured a 3-for-8 slump during mid-season…There have been a lot of great quotes in the NBA this season, but this one takes the cake.… Continue reading Sports Notes


I am an ESPN fiend. I will watch it throughout the weekend. I will watch it while reading a case during the weekdays. I will watch it while eating dinner with friends at a restaurant, by using a quick look-away technique I’ve perfected where I can have a conversation, eat my food, and watch ESPN… Continue reading ESPN (C)

Giddyup Soldier!

I don’t really know what that means, but it sure sounds kind of cool. Hmm, I’m not sure what to write today. I could write about my spring break plans (Italy, ooh), but I’m afraid that providing any additional information might threaten my secret identity. Oh, I know what we could talk about! Let’s talk… Continue reading Giddyup Soldier!

OI Wins Yet Again

The defending A-League Intramural men’s basketball champions rolled on to victory Tuesday, defeating NH 66-32. Showing little signs of rust after a 15-day layoff and 4-day weekend, OI relied on its rebounding, shooting, passing, defense, and other basketball-related skills to jump out to an early lead and coast to victory. Jake Capps led 3 double… Continue reading OI Wins Yet Again

The Taft Program: Continuing HBS Tradition of Service

Each Saturday morning, Crimson Greetings returns to Shad Hall. Or at least the din and chaotic atmosphere return. However, instead of buying glitter and mincing supplies, HBS students participate in games and interact with middle-school students. The HBS/Taft Sports Program is a long-running partnership between HBS and The William Howard Taft Middle School in Brighton.… Continue reading The Taft Program: Continuing HBS Tradition of Service

So Your're a Sports Buff- You've Come to the Right Place

Disclaimer-OK, I admit it – this article is a rerun from the January 15 Harbus-no original content whatsoever. I think Carl Kester called it self-plagiarism in his address to the EC the other day. I blame this evidence of laziness on my new favorite scapegoat-the my HBS portal. You see, had I figured out in… Continue reading So Your're a Sports Buff- You've Come to the Right Place

Post Game Chat Session

Uncle Jordy: Hugh wrote something in Viewpoint last week about the Shad Caf‚ becoming “jilted like that bitchy girlfriend or wet boyfriend you ended up hating.” Carolyn, what in THE hell is a “wet” boyfriend? Carolyn Bockius: As I was reading Hugh’s article, I too wondered what exactly a “wet” boyfriend was, so I’m afraid… Continue reading Post Game Chat Session


Movie Review: Finding ForresterStarring: Sean Connery, Robert Brown, F. Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin, Busta RhymesDirected By: Gus Van SantRated: PG-13Running Time: 133 minutes “It is . . . but it isn’t.” That is the answer that I give to anyone who asks me if Finding Forrester is just like Good Will Hunting. Sure, the structure… Continue reading "GOOD WILL FORRESTER"

ND is in the House

As ND entered this intramural basketball season, many people were skeptical of their request to have three teams in the league – two in the A league and another in the B league. These concerns were soon put to rest as the 25 players from section D hit the floor in the first week. The… Continue reading ND is in the House