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Leading the St. Louis Cardinals

Editor’s note: As evidenced by the popularity of the Business of Sports Club and the intense competition surrounding the SA Cup, many HBS students are passionate about sports. Few HBS grads have had more recent success working in sports management than 1995 HBS graduate William DeWitt III. Not long after graduating from HBS, DeWitt joined…


Moneyball: Major League Baseball CFO Discusses Career and the Economics of Baseball

On January 28, Jonathan Mariner (HBS ’78), Executive Vice President and CFO of Major League Baseball, spoke to HBS students about his career and the economics of professional baseball. On January 28, the Business of Sports Club hosted one of professional sports’ most influential executives when Jonathan Mariner, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Office…


The First NYC Sports Trek

The HBS Business of Sports Club embarked on their first ever solo New York City Sports Trek on January 11 and 12. With months of careful preparation and planning, the 15 member contingent enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience, visiting the nation’s premier sports leagues, teams, and venues. The trek started on Thursday with…


Annual HBS Intramural Soccer Tournament

“Have you ever asked yourself what is the most beautiful sport in the world? Not an easy answer, huh?!? After seeing the Patriots win the Super Bowl, I thought it was football….then I saw the Sox win, so I thought it was baseball…..but on a cold day in early April I changed my mind after…


Restaurant Review: Umbria

Umbria – the city known as the “green heart of Italy” – is the inspiration for this eating establishment located in Boston’s Financial District. It was born on the platform of providing traditional Umbrian dishes, as well as simple, yet robust, cuisine. The truth is, Umbria has oozing potential to be a first-class joint, yet…


Harvard Business School Essay 6

6. What do you wish the admissions committee had asked you? You could call it fanatic or pathetic (or dare I say… prophetic?), but I wish the admissions committee had asked me about my love of the Boston Red Sox. Like a red badge of courage, the mantra of the Red Sox fan is, “wait…


Editorial: Open Season

The season is open. No, I’m not talking about baseball. Or the inter-MBA basketball season. And though I am from a part of the country where the first day of hunting season is often a paid company holiday, I’m not talking about that either (which is in the fall, for those who are not members…


Baseball Report: Spring Training in Florida

This year February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, but also the day Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training in Florida and Arizona. That’s the day that every baseball fan longs for through the long, cold winter without baseball. The past few years I have been making the trek down to Tampa, Florida to…


Midwest Club Watches NASCAR Video

(Scooter’s Backyard) Nearly eighty members of the Midwest Student Association showed up at Eric “Scooter” McMaster’s backyard last night to watch the video tape “NASCAR: Legendary Tracks, Unforgettable Moments” “When I heard Scooter was showing NASCAR and serving brauts and Old Style beer,” said Kyle “Skeeter” Keenan, “I jumped in my truck, picked up my…


We are the Yankee HATERS

I loved the World Series this year. Those plucky Sox – my adopted team after the Orioles – almost beat the Yankees. I cheered, gloated and then winced in the Bus Stop in Game 7 with all the other Red Sox fans from school and although we lost, I’ll remember that night as a great…


Spring Glory

As an insatiable fan of sports, I am most thankful that the month of February is finally over. It was a ghastly 28 days, void of any sports excitement or milestones. I find myself saying this every single year, except 1994 when the NY Rangers were making their surge toward Cup glory. It is a…



10. Include jobs with tuitionThis would make the experience oh so much more enjoyable, you know, without the entire stressful begging for employment thing. It could be like a vacation package deal, rather than flight and hotel, great education and $120,000 job for $50,000 per year – Whata deal! I actually think this is feasible,…


Baseball's Social Responsibility

During our Foundations period, we’ve done an initial study on whether corporations have a social responsibility outside of profits. More often than not, the typical comment coming from the idealistic HBS student was that corporations need to be extremely concerned about the decisions they make and how these decisions affect outside stakeholders. I agree that…


Fenway Park

What’s 90 years old, 37 feet tall, and green? The “Green Monster” of course, the wall that extends from left to center field in Boston’s Fenway Park. Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway is the oldest active ballpark in the major leagues. While it lacks the creature comforts of most modern-day sports arenas, it…


Something Rotten in Denmark

A disturbing battle has been taking place within the RC sections, one that threatens the freedom of self-expression and ultimately the very existence of the free world. Now I am blowing the lid off this hidden conflict. The Bathroom Privileges War has erupted and is consuming many rooms with the fires and accusations of contempt,…


Baseball Bargaining

Anybody wonder how much money our Kansas City Zephyrs lost last year? If one believes the (unaudited) financial statements presented by Major League Baseball to the U.S. Congress in December, our beloved FRC Zephyrs probably lost their shirts… and their cleats too. League Commissioner Bud Selig testified to Congress that the sport’s 30 teams lost…


CraneBrothers Win HBS Rotisserie League

The best pennant race of the baseball season was not won by the Braves, the Diamondbacks or even the Astros. That honor goes to AMB, which bested the Springfield Nukes’ sustained excellence and Pitching A Tent’s late-season charge in the “HBS Ultra” Rotisserie League. Skippered by Chris Crane (OB), his brother Matt and “a silent…

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