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Seven Reasons To SeeSankofa

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, 766 HBS students, staff and faculty will gather to watch the annual Sankofa show performed by the members of HBS’ African American Student Union (AASU). “Sankofa” is a word from the Akan language of Ghana. It means to “go back and take.” The members of AASU will reach into the past…


Participating in History

From his announcement joining the Democratic primaries in February, 2007, to his inauguration on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has incited an unparalled following among young voters. This is the story of one student’s involvement in his campaign up to, and including, his inauguration. I came alone to the inauguration, but I am joined here…


Experiences at the Obamba’s Inauguration

It has been over a week since Tuesday, January 20, 2009. I am sure you have read the articles and looked at the pictures and listened to the recaps. Most of you were probably watching live when Almost-President Obama became President Obama in front of two million spectators on the National Mall and many millions…


2008 – Retrospective – Breaking Down Barriers

To celebrate the New Year in Italy, it is tradition to throw old things out of one’s window. This is practiced perhaps more literally than foreigners might suspect – it behooves passersby to heed falling objects. We in the United States could do worse than to adopt this strategy, at least in the figurative sense….


The Hope that Change Brings

6 members of the HBS African American Student Union (AASU) family discuss what the election of Barack Obama means to them. Lauryn Hale Barack Obama ran for President on a platform of hope and a promise of change. His victory last Tuesday, November 4th was America’s first step towards these promises becoming reality. It is…


Reader Questions Harbus’ Presidential Poll

To Editor in Chief: I am from Lebanon visiting Mass for treatment. By chance I read The Harbus Monday 27 Oct 2008. I was very surprised that HBS is backing Obama. In Lebanon the palestinains Sunni Chiate also Hezballah Hamas Falah they all want Obama to win. Reason they Obama share that Arab and Muslim…


Letting the American Reality Sink In

Whenever something big happens, people always say “remember where you were on that day,” as if you will forget. On November 4th 2008, something big happened – Barack Obama, was elected the 44th President of the United States. Remember where you were that day, and where you were when it finally sunk in that our…


Republican vs. Democrat–The Armed Forces Perspective

Republican Andrew Kletzing (NC), Contributing Writer On Nov. 4, military servicemen/women and veterans will cast their vote for President and most will probably do so for Republican John McCain. Much of this can be attributed to demographics; the majority of those who choose to serve are already predisposed to voting for Republicans. However, many military…


Republican vs. Democrat — Healthcare, Education and the Environment

Republican (R) Mina Nguyen (OA), Contributing Writer Education Policy Access to education should not be hindered by where you live or what your parents make. As Senator McCain said in the last debate, “Education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” McCain’s education plan does more than throw money at the problem, it…


Point of View — A Historic Election, A Historic Candidate

African American support for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is not monolithic. Senator Obama’s policy goals, the historical significance of his candidacy, and a sense of pride are a few of the reasons he has garnered so much support from African American voters. Overwhelming African American support for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign belies the myriad…


What Barack Obama and Chicken Contact Lenses Have in Common

With the U.S. losing 160,000 jobs in September, suddenly Barack Obama’s tax cuts, and health care and education reform are starting to sound a little more important than religion and guns to the working-class Sometimes it’s hard to convey a message about a product to the working class. That product could be chicken contact lens..or…


Sarah Palin: Diet Coke or New Coke?

This year’s 2008 election is starting to look a lot like a certain RC strategy case: Cola Wars. There is the election’s Coca-Cola, a historic and trusted brand, in John McCain. There is Pepsi, a youthful and fresh new brand, in Barack Obama. And there is Sarah Palin, John McCain’s brand extension – his Diet…

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