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Bob Rubin Speaks to Select MBA Journalists

While many ECs were slaving away at their summer internships and the RCs were relishing their final weeks of vacation, a group of only nine writers and editors from the nation’s top business schools met at Citigroup for an intimate breakfast meeting with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin. Robert (“Bob”) Rubin, currently a…


Reflections on the HBS Experience

So here we are – two years older, close to 1,000 cases wiser, and at least $50,000 poorer. And yet somehow, there is something about being here that has made us richer. It goes beyond the diplomas we’ll receive to display our newly minted, hard-earned MBAs. It goes back to that first day of Foundations…


F Does Charity

Beating out a five hour tete-a-tete with Arnaud Saint-Sauveur and even a full body massage by Emma Herbert, Sachin Palod’s lap dance surprised no one by being far and away the highest grossing item at the Section F auction, raising $3,400 to help starving children in Nigeria. Aah, the things we do for charity. (Disclaimer:…


Club B Looks Forward to Summer Internships

While many students in the 2003 cohort have expressed concern about the availability of many “traditional” summer internships, Section B members are excited at the prospect of following the road less traveled. In fact, many Club B-ers have already accepted jobs well outside the realm of banking and consulting. “I was planning to accept a…


Recruiting Snafus: What Not to Say to a Recruiter

So, which did you prefer – the lifeless interrogation rooms at Chase (easy escape) or making idle conversation in “reception” rooms at the Doubletree (comfy internment)? Either way, it is what happened during the interviews which results in the most giggles all up and down the hallways of Aldrich. During our heady week of selling…


Navigating The Labyrinth

Over winter break, I finally found the time to process how HBS had impacted me during the first four months. I found myself grateful for new friends and for the intellectual development received in the classroom. I had grown as a person, which is to be expected when one is placed in such an intense…


Overview of Investment Banking

What is investment banking? Depending on who you ask (including i-bankers themselves), you will get somewhat different answers. Broadly speaking, investment banks provide a gamut of financial and advisory services to corporations, institutions (both private and public) and even individuals (usually high-net-worth ones.very high). There are generally three or more distinct business areas that major…


The I-Banking Job Search Process

This piece is based on experiences gained over the last few weeks, during the official EC Hell Week process. It is clouded by the current job search environment. In the event that the economy turns around, most of these tips will not be essential, but still useful. First of all, to those of you in…


Credit Checks and the Finance Job Search

Maybe in college you got a little crazy with your new credit card and forgot to pay off a few bills. Maybe a few years later you started a web site to sell rutabagas online but filed for Chapter 11 instead of an IPO. Maybe after that, you got divorced and your spouse refused to…



For the past year we have been hearing about the new wave of B2B and B2C: “Back to Banking” and “Back to Consulting”. The question on the minds of many EC students is which of these options to go for. Given the weight of this decision in determining quality of life post our HBS honeymoon…


To Intern or Not? That is the Question

The real world reared its ugly head over the last few weeks, as cohort students began to think about their lives outside of the HBS bubble. In pursuit of August internship positions, approximately half of the cohort interviewed with a range of consulting and investment banking firms. After the interviews concluded, the response from the…


Governing by Obfuscation?

Obfuscate-verb; To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand; To render indistinct or dim (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd Edition) So there I was, trying to calculate the adjusted capital cash flow using the venture capital method for some case, when I realized that I…


The Nobility of Business

I was having a conversation the other day with a good friend about the culture of investment banking. I used to work at an Investment bank in London and I was describing some of the less palatable memories of my experience which I thought reflected a part of the general culture of investment banking. I…


Recruiter Newsflash

The Harbus is pleased to offer this service in conjunction with Baker Library to brief you on the weekly business news highlights of the main HBS recruiters. The news is taken from The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition and aims to provide a weekly summary of articles that can be followed up in greater depth….


Business School Basics at Cyberposium

Tim Koogle, CEO of Yahoo! is sure to draw a crowd, regardless of the state of the Internet economy. He is the leader of one of the most successful Internet ventures of this era and if anyone should know how to kick off an event like Cyberposium it is he. I was curious to see…


Salomon CEO pulls a crowd

The resurgence in investment banking as a career path from HBS was evident as over a hundred students packed into Aldrich 209, where a standing room only crowd listened to Mr. Michael Carpenter, Chairman and CEO of Salomon Smith Barney and the Head of Citibank’s Global Relationship Bank. Mr. Carpenter, a 1973 graduate of HBS…

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