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The "Sec-C-est" Students This Side of Spangler

Dating all the way back to mid-late-2004, the Class of 2006’s Section C has a long and storied history of existence here at HBS. In the many, many months since we first arrived en masse in the dark, decrepit basement of un-renovated Aldrich, Section C, affectionately (and appropriately) known as “Sec-C,” has developed a reputation…


The Show Must Go On

This is the second in a series of articles covering the HBS Annual Show 2004 (Show). As mentioned in the first article, the Show has become a time-honored tradition and an essential component of the HBS experience. Usually, the Show is a musical comedy and the characters are exaggerated HBS stereotypes like the overenthusiastic Baker…


Editorial: Just a Click Away

It’s scary the number of life-altering decisions that are now communicated to us over the web. Ok, maybe life-altering is a bit too strong of a descriptor, but the trend is definitely heading that way. I say it’s a trend that we’ve got to stop. For those of you who are like me (that would…


News In Brief:

EC Student Found with Spoon in TunnelsAt 11:25am on Monday, January 12th, a bewildered and disoriented second-year male was found trying to dig through the cinderblock wall blocking the tunnels in the basement of the Rock Center. Armed with a spoon from Spangler, he was found muttering, “I could walk here last year…in my shorts…so…


This Guy Takes Over for That Guy

As I was sitting in my palatial vacation home (aka the six cubic feet provided to me by Amtrak) preparing to write my first article as the new “That Guy”, I was wondering what readers would like to know. I was thinking, “What type of buyer does the Harbus have? Who is my target with…


Why I Love Spangler

While I was sitting in Spangler the other day, practicing my best “Look at me, I’m a serious HBS student, studying hard…but don’t worry, I’m not going for Baker Scholar, so I’m still fun and approachable” look, I began to think: of all the places I could be pretending to work, why do I choose…


Impressions of a First Year

1:25 PMI’m feeling pretty good about life. I’ve studied for the exam for days. I am Kaizen and I am bleeding TOM. I’ve hit the COOP and bought a pack of cheap but high-utility mechanical pencils. I’m happy with most of them, except for the hot pink and purple colored ones. Well, I guess I…


Viewpoints: Getting The Most Out Of It

So here we are. September 2002. HBS. In front of us is a land of opportunities. Within us, this burning question: how to make the most out of it? If I may, here are some thoughts on how to have a fulfilling year.Let’s forget the traditional wisdom. HBS is not an MBA program dedicated to…

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