Goddess Worship

The world was enraged when artifacts from our cradle of civilization were destroyed and stolen during the invasion of the Iraqi National Museum in April 2003. Among these artifacts was one of the museum world’s most precious, the Warka Vase, dating back to 3,000 B.C. The ancient carvings on the Warka Vase depicted the religious… Continue reading Goddess Worship

Harvard Rampage On And Off The Pitch

After Friday night’s ‘festivities’ the HBS team was dreading the thought of the 11am start time on Saturday morning. The resemblance of the pitch to suburban Baghdad (post US invasion) didn’t help morale. However, a violent and profane pep-talk from Co-Captains Oliver Thomas (OA) and Mike Butville (OB) had the men fired up to play… Continue reading Harvard Rampage On And Off The Pitch

Why We Can't Afford to Fail in Iraq

Because the terrorists win if we prematurely withdraw. Despite the cunning strategy displayed by Japanese military planners in the attack on Pearl Harbor, they made a grave miscalculation in thinking that America lacked the steely nerve to mount a credible counter-offensive. Only Admiral Yamamoto, the brilliant leader of the Japanese Fleet, recognized the predicament his… Continue reading Why We Can't Afford to Fail in Iraq

Events Around Town

Art & DesignTue., Sept. 30 “Planning for Great Cities.” (Loeb Fellowship Program, GSD) Ofer Manor, chief architect, City of Jerusalem, Israel; Gerald Green, director of planning, City of San Francisco; Ann Coulter, executive vice president, RiverCity Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Gund Hall, GSD, 48 Quincy St., 12:30 p.m. Wed., Oct. 1 “American Neoclassical Sculpture: Another Marble… Continue reading Events Around Town

Big Questions About Iraq

The Iraq situation is turning into a mess. Bickering between the United States and Germany-France-Belgium over how to deal with Saddam Hussein has risen to worrisome levels. Should there be a war? Should there be a second resolution? Should the United Nations be involved? Should Hussein be given another chance? These are all questions that… Continue reading Big Questions About Iraq

IRAQ: The Cold Call Summary

With all the talk of war and an attack on Iraq apparently imminent, there has been an endless stream of reports and media debates over the justification and necessity of this offensive. This has increasingly led to speculation and conjecture, often with no grounding in fact or an appreciation for the circumstances of the current… Continue reading IRAQ: The Cold Call Summary

OJ Goes Skiing

OJ’s community spirit was in evidence last Friday when the Academic Office invited us to review a new MBA teaching case designed for use across multiple subjects. The case involves Mr. Mothy, the owner-manager of a small hand-operated printing press in Baghdad specializing in government promotional leaflets. Ten years ago, business had dried up abruptly… Continue reading OJ Goes Skiing