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Regional Profiles – Northeast – Boston: Way, Way Beyond HBS

There are three reasons that you should live and work in Boston: 1. This is the home to consulting and biotech, which means there might still be jobs available – thus solving the ‘work’ part of the equation. 2. Now that NY has effectively shut down, most of your classmates will probably stay here, thus…


From the Stomach to the Heart

Depending on your relationship status and role, Valentine’s Day may be your day to be spoiled, or may present a daunting challenge. So here’s a list of restaurants that should cover many potential date scenarios for good old St. Valentine’s Day (or other big nights), and which offer reservations (crucial). May yours be memorable, appropriately…


B&G Oyster – Classic Seafood with Flair

When I think New England, I think seafood. Not the fancy towers of tuna sashimi or perfectly arranged plate of halibut cooked “sous vide” but rather the charming roadside restaurants in Maine. Perhaps it’s the crisp outdoor air but somehow this casual dining experience inevitably makes the lobster taste sweeter and the memories of fresh…


Aquitaine: South End Brunch with Style

One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday is by having a leisurely brunch. The idea of getting up at the very decent hour of 11a.m. and lingering over coffee, waffles, eggs and bacon is a great deal more appealing to me than trudging across campus on my way to study group at 7a.m….


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We would like to use this week’s Harbus as an opportunity to say hello to everyone and to introduce ourselves as the new co-presidents of the Partners’ Club. The election of our new Steering Committee was held in mid-February. Our new team consists of a diverse, fun, dynamic, and eager group of people who bring…


Exotic Asian Cuisine

Fabulous restaurant–its classic contemporary with subtle Asian influences atmosphere is reason alone to visit–not to mention the so called sexy Satay bar. However, be prepared to leave your pocketbook at the table. The food is excellent though, and worth the price for such attention to unique aromatic flavor combinations, creative food presentations, and chic ambiance….


Tremont 647: boldly flavored American cuisine

Tremont 647 is a wonderful 70-seat restaurant located in trendy South Boston where boldly flavored American cuisine with inventive global influences is routinely served up. With a growing national reputation as one of the country’s most exciting young chefs, Andy Husband’s delicious dishes are ones you don’t want to miss out on. His commitment to…

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