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Should the U.S. Government provide health care to every citizen?

“Yea” By Seke Ballard (OG), Section Representative Though I recognize the appeal of a debate on the constitutionality of government involvement in healthcare, my stance is that such a conversation would be of no practical use, namely because abolishing government involvement would be far too disruptive and thus politically untenable. That said, my ramblings rely…


Rape & Remittances: Modern Day Slavery in the Philippines

This is Part 1 of 2 in a series presenting the research findings of Justin Hakuta (NJ), who won a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to the Philippines after graduating from Carnegie Mellon. At the time, Hakuta was interested in pursuing a career in human rights investigation. RUDE AWAKENING I bob and weave through the sweating rush…


Show Love for the Environment When Doing Your Laundry

Laundry has traditionally been neglected when people consider energy and water conservation. However, 81,000 gigawatt hours of electricity and 2.4 trillion gallons of water are consumed each year in the U.S. by laundry, and this generates 13 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. At Harvard, we also incur high consumption of electricity and water…


Hiring Outlook Remains Optimistic for 2006

This is the first in an occasional series of short articles focusing on career-related issues for the ECs in the fall and RCs in the winter. This week, we will shed some light on the macro conditions in the job market. Please contact the News Editor at jchng@mba2007.hbs.edu if you wish to comment or contribute…


Wine & Cuisine Society: What does your $100 get you?

Annual membership fee – $100. Eight glasses of Opus One — $15. Cheese and crackers – complimentary. Getting to meet the man behind the magic – included.Enjoying great company that just gets better as the glasses go on – priceless. With 350 members, the Wine & Cuisine Society is the only club permitted to serve…


A "Transformational" Fashion Experience

I arrived at HBS with a suitcase crammed with my most precious possessions. There was not a lot of room for clothes, which was fortunate because all I owned was a couple pairs of faded shorts and some beach t-shirts. My wardrobe served me well in Australia, but it clearly was not going to cut…


Priscilla Ball: Prominent Sociologist, Aussie Bloke Chime in on the Origins of Cross-Dressing

With the Priscilla Ball just around the corner, many male students have been asking their amused female classmates about women’s clothes. For example, “What is the acceptable length of a short skirt?” And, “How does one match shoes with a dress?” But the far harder questions are: “Why does the Australian party involve cross-dressing?” And,…


Nikki Germany

Could you please contact Nikki Germany for me. I went to school with Nik in Australia. Recently I searched the internet (google) for “Nikki Germany” and to my surprise I discovered she writes articles for your newsletter. Could you please advise her of my temporary emailaddress:rmack@bingara.nsw.gov.au Also can you say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 7th!!…


We Need Your Help

Yes, we need your help. It may seem odd that two ridiculously good looking, suave, intelligent men with dance moves like Usher and writing skills like King should need any help with anything at all. Let’s be honest, did Jordan need help dunking? Did Shakespeare need help writing sonnets? Did Bush need help in Iraq?…


Bahamas and Australia Lead Real Medal Table

The Bahamas are the greatest sporting nation on earth, followed closely by Australia. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the 2004 Olympics, held in Athens from August 13th – 29th. ‘But the US topped the medal tally, with China and Russia next’ I hear some wail. So we need to take…


Duke Tournament: World Championships Of MBA Rugby

IntroductionOn Friday, 2nd April 2004 The Harvard Business School Rugby Football Club assembled in Duke, NC for the MBA Rugby World Championships, the holy grail of MBA rugby. For HBS this was the culmination of a year’s worth of hard training, and this tournament meant a lot to each and every rugger. On the road…


Editorial: The January Effect

Investors, economists, and stock market enthusiasts have long debated the existence of the January Effect in the capital markets. Is it real? And will it return? The historical tendency for stock prices to increase in January more than any in other month, an anomaly particularly evident in small cap stocks, has been attributed to year…


The Year Ahead in Harbus Sports

The Short AnswerIn short, we love sport. Playing it, watching it, talking about it, dreaming about it. So, as the Sports Editors in 2004, we promise you an absolute orgy of HBS, American and International sports writing and photography for the next 30 editions or so. Enjoy! Some Details- Who We AreJamil Khan hails from…


Interview with Dan Gertsacov (OJ), the Gentle Brazilian Giant

Last year, Harbus started a series interviewing students who had played sport at the highest level. This week, we talk to Dan Gertsacov (OJ), co-Captain of the HBS Rugby team, who played rugby with the national team of Brazil just prior to starting school. Harbus: Let’s start with the obvious question; how does an American…


The Outback: Not Just a Steakhouse

Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef and that nut Steve Irwin stalking crocodiles (“Isn’t she a beaut?”) is what many people picture when they think of Australia. Yes, there are those things (unless Irwin is out irritating wild animals in another country), but there is so much more to the ‘Land Down Under.’…


Case Rip Cord Goes Shopping

The beginning of each EC term brings with it a period when students can attend as many classes as they like in order to see what they want to take, knowing full well they’re all shooting for the same three classes anyway. If you, the reader, weigh the pros and cons of Class Shopping, you…


Case Rip Cord Fortifies its Electronics Career

BRL Hardy: Globalizing the Australian Wine Company: This case begins with some nice quotes about the Australian wine industry. “Vines were first introduced into Australia…by [the] leader of the convicts and settlers who…inhabit[ed] the new British colony. …Annual per capita wine consumption in this beer-drinking country was…mostly ports and fortified wines…sold in the two-liter ‘bag…


Summer Tales-Septembers Go Free

It is impossible to chart the globe trotting or airmiles racked up by the Septembers with four free months to play with – those who didn’t engage in a trek to far off lands were the exception rather than the rule. If anybody didn’t leave Boston for the entire Summer, we should hear about it…

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