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Japan, Day One

A devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the Northeastern coast of Japan on Friday, March 11th at approximately 2:26pm, causing tsunami as high as 40 feet, completely destroying the nearby coastal cities. Everyone had a different experience as the earth shook under its cataclysmic power. Some found themselves trapped in public transportation for hours, waiting…


A Peek into our Leadership Aptitudes

In a rapidly globalizing world, we need a strong appreciation of the subtle, but important, cultural differences between leadership styles between the east and the west. Nearly every aspect of our life at HBS has crossed paths with a reference to leadership. We are all discovering its meaning in our own unique ways. As part…


Rape & Remittances: Modern Day Slavery in the Philippines

This is Part 1 of 2 in a series presenting the research findings of Justin Hakuta (NJ), who won a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to the Philippines after graduating from Carnegie Mellon. At the time, Hakuta was interested in pursuing a career in human rights investigation. RUDE AWAKENING I bob and weave through the sweating rush…


The Curious Case of the Asian Harvard Annual Conference

More than 600 students, faculty, and invited business leaders from around the world attended the 2009 Harvard Asia Business Conference, the largest annual conference Harvard University has to offer. With large delegations flying over from all across Asia and especially entire student delegations and faculty from Chinese universities, this is a conference that embodies much…


Andrew Klaber (OH) Joins Young Leaders in Tokyo

Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit Delegates to discuss global financial crisis and scarcity of vital resources Tokyo, November 14, 2008 – Andrew Klaber (JD/MBA ’10) has been selected as one of 160 emerging leaders from 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific region who will gather at the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo for the Asia Society’s…


Venture Capital Coffee Series a Resounding Success!

The TechMedia club hosted the Venture Capital Coffee Series, which was warmly received by the HBS student community. Held in Aldrich after the Kabaddi tournament on Friday evening, initial fears of a low turnout were overturned when 54 RCs and ECs turned up for the event. The co-speakers of the evening were Michael A. Greeley…


Asia Business Club Welcomes RCs

“I’m interested in finding out more about pursuing a career in Asia – is this the club for me?”.”How can I get involved in organizing the Asia Business Conference?…”Do you know anyone I can practice my Mandarin with?”.”Great Food!” These were just some of the comments overheard from among the more than 100 HBS students…


A Backpacker Convert

When I say “organized tour,” what do you imagine? Is it 35 blue-haired grannies sitting on a creaky old bus, eventually to be led through the streets of some European city by a stodgy older gent wielding an umbrella? Is it regimented days where every minute is pre-planned, and every evening spent in some soulless…


The Harbus interviews SA Ventures CEO, Alvin Mok

1. Is it true that you get paid for being the CEO of SA Ventures?No, absolutely not. CEO of SA Ventures is a volunteer position just like the other executive committee positions-SA Co-presidents and CFO. I typically work 10 hours/week as both SA Ventures CEO and SA COO. There are definitely no problems with executive…


Asia Business Conference 2007

On the weekend of February 10, 2007, over 1,000 students, scholars, professionals and executives continued a more-than-decade-long tradition by congregating on the Harvard Business School campus to attend the 16th Annual Asia Business Conference at Harvard University. This year’s conference, entitled “Transformation and Sustainability,” focused on the rapid transformation Asia is undergoing as a result…


Use China. Same Price. Big Difference.

Why is it so hard to talk about environmentally-conscious decision making at HBS? As you walk through the Spangler Dining Hall today, take a look at the plates that we choose for eating. At most tables, more than half of the students use disposable plates despite the availability of environmentally sound alternatives. Polystyrene foam has…


Asia Business Conference:

The 14th Annual Harvard Asia Business Conference took place Friday, February 10 to Sunday, February 12. Titled “Asia, Inc.: Integration and Differentiation,” this year’s conference drew over 900 students, scholars, professionals and executives. As suggested in the title, this year’s conference focused on the integration and differentiation challenges companies and countries face to compete in…


Asia Business Conference 2005: Adding Value in Asia, From Outsourcing To Innovation

The Asia Business Conference was held last weekend from Friday afternoon, February 18th to Saturday, February 19th at HBS. The annual conference attracted close to 700 MBA students, professionals, and executives, who are interested in where Asia is headed. This year, the theme was “Adding Value in Asia: From Outsourcing to Innovation.” The conference examined…


More H-BS

New Industry Expert Discovered in EC Class: EC student Ed Lander has recently been wowing classmates and faculty alike with his keen insights into the real estate industry – insights cultivated and gleaned over the entire eight weeks he spent in the industry this summer. From the first day of Real Property, Lander has awed…


Asia Business Conference 2004

The Asia Business Conference 2004 was held at HBS on February 13-14th, 2004, with the theme “Globalization: the Modern Silk Road?” With more than ten years of history behind it, the Asia Business Conference is the oldest and largest Asian MBA conference in North America. This annual conference is jointly organized by Harvard Business School’s…


Interview with David Bonderman

Mr. David Bonderman, the Founding Partner of Texas Pacific Group and an alumni of Harvard Law School, is a keynote speaker at HBS’s upcoming 2004 Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference. Despite his demanding schedule, Mr. Bonderman recently took the time to speak with the Harbus in order to share his insight into the private…


Go East or Bust

ECs: I remember sitting in the same shoes as many of you last year – happy with my summer internship, but more excited to leave the working world and return to the safe haven of the HBS “bubble.” However, I quickly abandoned my hopes of daily visits to the Redline as the state of the…


Asia Business Conference 2003

For two days over this past Valentine’s Day weekend, students and speakers from around the globe attended the 2003 Asia Business Conference, which featured a stellar roster of speakers, a cocktail party at the Fogg Art Museum, a career fair, and culminated in a Valentine’s Day Dinner, Ball and Casino Night at the Charles Hotel….


The Chinese Century?

During the Asia Business Conference’s first plenary session, “Asia’s Future: Regional Integration or Regional Competition?” Robert Lees, Secretary General Emeritus of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, asked us to stand up, stretch, and exhorted us MBAs to go out and play a role in making the world a better place. He then declared, “China is…


Phoenix Rising: Media in Asia

At the Asia Business Conference media discussion, Mr. Wu Xiaoyong, CEO of Phoenix Satellite Television and Ms. Sheryl WuDunn, Project Director for the New York Times Strategic Planning Group, led a powerful discussion on trends taking shape in the rapidly growing Asian media market, focusing primarily on China. The panel sought to identify opportunities to…


Risk Mindset in Asia Could Thwart Growth Opportunities

Jeffrey Shafer, Vice Chairman for Salomon Smith Barney International and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, predicts high growth potential for Southeast Asian nations. His presentation at the recent Asia Business Conference here at HBS began with a slide that compared growth rates between Asian nations before and after the financial crisis of…


Asian Venture Capital and Private Equity

Three practitioners presented their perspectives on the venture capital and private equity industry in Asia on the Asia Business Conference panel “Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.” Andy Goldfarb, Senior Managing Director at JAFCO and HBS alumnus, started by providing a overall perspective on doing business in Asia. JAFCO, a leading Japanese private equity firm, has $750…


Thanksgiving Dinner With the OH Family

The semester has gone by quickly, and so much has happened to the men and women of OH since they left the friendly confines of Aldrich 9 just four short months ago. Although they’re not together every day, a welcome party for NH, several pub nights and a simultaneous guys’ and girls’ night out have…


Job Search in Asia

Given the recent economic downturn in the U.S., the global job market has plummeted to record lows in recent years. Asia, being one of the most popular geographical preferences among HBS grads, following closely behind the U.S. and Europe, is facing considerable challenges in holding up its headcount and salary packages. I will focus our…


Anthrax: An Ex-Army Counterintelligence Officer's View

ANTHRAX: Primarily a disease of herbivores; humans and carnivores are incidental hosts. It is generally an occupational hazard primarily of workers who process hides and hair, and of veterinarians, agriculture, and wildlife workers who handle infected animals. Human anthrax is much more common in those agricultural regions of the world where anthrax in animals is…


The WCS Dionysian Ball

The Versailles mirror room. That was the first image to cross my mind when I entered the reception area of the Dionysian Ball last Saturday. It was a luxurious room, full of mirrors reflecting the masquerades sipping champagne and discussing the last fallen angel of the NASDAQ. By that point I remembered my last Dionysian…


Tom Brokaw's Lesson for the Information Age – Stay Smooth

Tom Brokaw is in an unusual position of being a newsworthy newscaster. After 17 years as NBC’s News Anchor he is a household name, a ubiquitous presence on TV screens and more recently best seller lists. He has developed prodigious knowledge of world affairs, a presidential manner, and by the dreamy looks radiating from the…

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