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Asia Business Club Welcomes RCs

“I’m interested in finding out more about pursuing a career in Asia – is this the club for me?”.”How can I get involved in organizing the Asia Business Conference?…”Do you know anyone I can practice my Mandarin with?”.”Great Food!” These were just some of the comments overheard from among the more than 100 HBS students…


Asia Business Conference 2007

On the weekend of February 10, 2007, over 1,000 students, scholars, professionals and executives continued a more-than-decade-long tradition by congregating on the Harvard Business School campus to attend the 16th Annual Asia Business Conference at Harvard University. This year’s conference, entitled “Transformation and Sustainability,” focused on the rapid transformation Asia is undergoing as a result…


Asia Business Conference:

The 14th Annual Harvard Asia Business Conference took place Friday, February 10 to Sunday, February 12. Titled “Asia, Inc.: Integration and Differentiation,” this year’s conference drew over 900 students, scholars, professionals and executives. As suggested in the title, this year’s conference focused on the integration and differentiation challenges companies and countries face to compete in…


Asia Business Conference 2005: Adding Value in Asia, From Outsourcing To Innovation

The Asia Business Conference was held last weekend from Friday afternoon, February 18th to Saturday, February 19th at HBS. The annual conference attracted close to 700 MBA students, professionals, and executives, who are interested in where Asia is headed. This year, the theme was “Adding Value in Asia: From Outsourcing to Innovation.” The conference examined…


Asia Business Conference 2004

The Asia Business Conference 2004 was held at HBS on February 13-14th, 2004, with the theme “Globalization: the Modern Silk Road?” With more than ten years of history behind it, the Asia Business Conference is the oldest and largest Asian MBA conference in North America. This annual conference is jointly organized by Harvard Business School’s…


Asia Business Conference 2003

For two days over this past Valentine’s Day weekend, students and speakers from around the globe attended the 2003 Asia Business Conference, which featured a stellar roster of speakers, a cocktail party at the Fogg Art Museum, a career fair, and culminated in a Valentine’s Day Dinner, Ball and Casino Night at the Charles Hotel….


WTO Entry Risks Social Upheaval in China

“As Keynes said, ‘In the long run we are all dead,’ so we should pay attention to the short-term costs and challenges.” So concluded Myoung-Ho Shin, Vice President, Asian Development Bank at the Asia Business Conference recently hosted by HBS. Other panelists discussing China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) echoed similar concerns about…


Phoenix Rising: Media in Asia

At the Asia Business Conference media discussion, Mr. Wu Xiaoyong, CEO of Phoenix Satellite Television and Ms. Sheryl WuDunn, Project Director for the New York Times Strategic Planning Group, led a powerful discussion on trends taking shape in the rapidly growing Asian media market, focusing primarily on China. The panel sought to identify opportunities to…


The India Panel at the Asia Business Conference

Hosting a panel at a conference always suggests a mixture of excitement and apprehension – perhaps even more so when one is well acquainted with the panelists. As the panel manager for the India Country Panel at the Asia Business Conference, the subject matter and the speakers could literally not have been closer to home…

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