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How Not To Do Those NY-Boston Hops

Advice is something that we all seem to receive at one point or another whether we ask for it or not. Here, Soura Bhattacharyya, affectionately known as “Showtime,” does just the contrary. Instead of telling Harbus readers what they should do to effectively travel from New York to Boston, he shares his journey from “the…


You Are What You Drive

I can see it now – commuter cars on campus littered with flyers printed on recycled, cruelty-free, soy-ink, union-made paper. The HBS Democrats have a reason to be a little concerned, for it appears as though Kerry’s appeal is weak among certain auto owners. Anyone with a web address can conjure together a presidential candidate…


This Guy Takes Over for That Guy

As I was sitting in my palatial vacation home (aka the six cubic feet provided to me by Amtrak) preparing to write my first article as the new “That Guy”, I was wondering what readers would like to know. I was thinking, “What type of buyer does the Harbus have? Who is my target with…


California Recall Draws Praise, Jeers

“A circus” is what one P.H.D. student called this week’s controversial election in California that catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger into the governor’s spot. Despite the publicity surrounding the event, only 40% of California’s 21 million eligible voters – that’s 60% of its 15 million registered voters – actually did the deed, according to the Los Angeles…


Competing at the Vanderbilt eStrategy Contest

Although they all envy our Cyberposium, other business schools have creative approaches to foster student enthusiasm for technology. The Owen School (Vanderbilt University), for example, organizes a major eStrategy contest every year, where MBA students from every school in the US are asked to provide advice to the leading sponsor on one of their major…

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