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Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Lianne Pot (OB)

What: Travelled around the world Where: Everywhere! What did you do this summer?I spent my summer on dusty trains, boats, slow ferries, rented off-road jeeps, and many air planes as I made my way backpacking around the world. I went on safari in Africa where I camped in the Serengeti with roaring lions in the…


Point of View — International Perspective on the US Elections

Argentina Martin Gorosito, Contributing Writer 1. From the point of view of the government of your country, which candidate are they supporting and why? When Argentine President Fernando de la Rua openly expressed support for Al Gore in the US presidential elections of 2000, he ended up supporting the non-winning candidate and had a hard…


50 Things To Do in Argentina

1. Wonder whether they painted the president’s house pink because they just elected a woman for the first time. 2. Learn about the Argentine custom of throwing all your unwanted paperwork out of your office windows on New Year’s Eve. 3. See Eva Peron’s grave, and subsequently have the tune of ‘Don’t Cry For Me…


HBS Rugby Says Goodbye to the Class of 2007

It was an evening with food, drinks, stories, songs, traditions and of course the age-old, 30-foot long arm versus 50 ducks question. It was an emotional night for all, but none more so than for the aforementioned co-captains. Stephane and Flint spent the year developing the team on the practice field and leading it on…


The 22,800 Foot View: HBS Students Summit Aconcagua

It was not much of a surprise that after a 24-hour journey and three connections, we were missing a backpack full of climbing gear when we finally arrived in Argentina. Our questions came quick and loud, leaving little time for the airline staff to catch their breaths. “Where is the luggage?” we asked. “Why can…


First HBS Copa America goes to… Europe??

HBS’ Club Latinoamericano launched this year its first Copa America, an extremely popular soccer event in Latin America, in which teams from different countries play each other in a direct elimination soccer tournament. Teams from Chile/Peru, Argentina, Brazil/El Salvador, Colombia/Venezuela, Mexico, Mexico/Nicaragua, Europe and other parts of the world joined in a highly energetic tournament…


On-Campus Interview Series: The Greatest Athlete at HBS?

Every once in a while you meet that kind of freak athlete that makes you feel fat, slow and uncoordinated. Rafa Guida Masoni (OC) is nothing short of a sporting genius. He tears the opposition apart with deft passing, hard tackling and incisive running on the rugby field. He also kicks 50 yards with both…


Pressure, Signing Autographs and Mac

As summer arrives – everywhere but Boston – it’s time to dust off the racket and tune up the chip and charge. Harbus spoke to Gog Boonswang (NA), an ex-tennis pro, about life on the tour, McEnroe, Connors and the battle of the sexes. Harbus: What’s it like to be a pro-tennis player?Gog Boonswang: The…


OF: Back in Business

Dan Bryan got married over break, so this is naturally a tough time for many an OF woman. It is therefore with a complicated mix of a great sense of personal loss along with true happiness for the newlyweds that we are able to say CONGRATULATIONS, Dan and Ashley!! The silver lining is that section…


They Said What?

This issue of They Said What? features a medley from Professor Richard Tedlow, the HBS resident expert on the history of business. All quotes this issue come from EC courses, indicating that the first years need to start paying enough attention in class to catch those humorous comments between naps! Anyone who doesn’t fall into…


Year In Review:

The following is printed in the HBS 2002 yearbook’s Year In Review page. It is reprinted here for RCs and those who did not purchase a yearbook. The unthinkable happens. Minutes into an early day of the 2002 fall term, four planes at terrorist hands made dramatic turns off course, and with them went much…


Did We Get Hosed? The Other Side of Globalization

Two weeks ago, Lord John Browne, CEO of BP, spoke to a crowded Burden Auditorium about the virtues of BP and global corporate citizenship. In his speech, he defended globalization and multinational corporations such as his own and suggested that corporations can play a vital, if limited, role in securing social welfare around the globe….


Latin American Business Conference:

Increasing the productivity of Latin American nations is critical to advancing not just their economies, but also their societies. So began Michael Fairbanks, keynote speaker at the recent HBS Latin American Business Conference. Fairbanks is CEO of ontheFRONTIER. Previously, he created Monitor’s Country Competitiveness practice, which was carved out of Monitor to become ontheFRONTIER in…


Argentina in Crisis: What Went Wrong?

Last weekend’s Latin America Conference featured a surprise luminary speaker, Professor Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Professor of the Practice of Economic Development, who outlined events leading to the recent Argentina debt crisis that led to street riots and a revolving door to the presidency. Prof. Hausmann cited a decline in commodity prices…


Defining Moment

I had planned to climb Aconcagua Mountain in Argentina during winter break. I had done similar mountain climbing treks in the past and knew that the technical difficulty was average. What lay ahead of me was two weeks of camping and hiking, with a goal of summiting the peak at 22,800 feet. The trip started…



We originally thought Karina Bomrad was kidding when she said we would all be invited to her wedding. She was marrying Arturo Alvarez Demalde (OC) in Buenos Aires (BA) over New Year’s. “It will be a great opportunity to see Argentina during our summertime,” she said. She and Arturo held an info session where we…


Leaders who make a difference in the world

“You’ve heard of a bank run? I’ll show you a bank run!” And with those words, my CEO dashed out of the office to ensure the security of his company’s funds in the latest crisis sweeping through the Argentine financial system. With a large, growing government debt and the one-to-one currency convertibility plan in place,…


Auntie Sam:

Dear Auntie Sam, Enough with the talk of soul mates already! And I thought that self-love was an HBS application requirement. Can we focus on something really serious this week please? When is a bank not a bank? When it is called the job bank. It seems that this bank is not insured by the…

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