Humor and Leadership

Michael Dell is interviewed by Professor David Yoffie in Spangler Auditorium. Michael Dell rolled into Spangler Auditorium on Thursday October 2 with affability and poise. He has no doubt long since perfected the art of entering a room. Billionaires arguably aren’t short on confidence. They are perhaps short on time. The hour-long interview of the… Continue reading Humor and Leadership

What's the Buzz

What does a HBS student need to know about technology? The world is changing, and it’s changing quickly. Take a couple of minutes to get acquainted with the latest developments: Corporate Instant MessagingInstant messaging is about to go corporate. Whether introduced through AOL, yahoo, or MSN, millions of people have taken to instant messaging over… Continue reading What's the Buzz

Case Rip Cord Returns to the RC

Some RC reruns: Anasazi Exclusive Salon Products, Inc.: The Artistic Director decided to name the company after an ancient Native American tribe because of their innovative artistry, oral tradition, and social awareness. He neglects to mention that this tribe disappeared suddenly and without a trace around AD 1300 for reasons still unknown to archaeologists today.… Continue reading Case Rip Cord Returns to the RC

Case Rip Cord

We bring to you, Dear Reader, some interesting quotes from the cases seen by September cohort this semester, in alphabetical order. Apple Computer: Steve Jobs named the new Apple computer “Lisa” after his daughter. Apparently the lesson of the Ford Edsel was lost on him. Could CEO John Sculley save Apple like he had Pepsi?… Continue reading Case Rip Cord