BRITANNICUS at the American Repertory Theatre

FADE IN: DARKNESS. Water slaps against the stripped naked Nero as he takes a shower on one side of the minimalist stage. Octavia’s haunting voice quivers in the background. Two modern yellow couches illuminate the dark stage, setting the suspenseful tone of the American Repertory Theatre production of Jean Racine’s seventeenth-century play “Britannicus.” Oddly, this… Continue reading BRITANNICUS at the American Repertory Theatre

O Romeo, Romeo:

The Capulets and Montagues have taken on the streets of Cambridge to play for us, once again, the most famous love story of all time. Indeed, the American Repertory Theatre on Brattle Street is proposing a fascinating and intriguing version of “Romeo and Juliet” through March 25. In this modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic,… Continue reading O Romeo, Romeo: