HBS Basketball Frenzy About to Begin

Outside it’s freezing. Inside Shad, several teams are warming up in preparation for this year’s HBS intramural basketball season. This afternoon, for example, sections NE and NI will battle it out in the first game of the season. We expect a lot of excitement over the coming twelve weeks as lanky former Division One ballers… Continue reading HBS Basketball Frenzy About to Begin

The Jitterbug takes First Prize

Picture this: 1,100 RC and 350 EC students in a ballroom, having consumed a total of 500 bottles of wine, staring expectantly at the stage where Alex Michael “two first names, one vision” (NH), and Vikram Sharma (NE) were standing mike in hand. Alex is the quintessential New York party boy; sharp, flamboyant, and often… Continue reading The Jitterbug takes First Prize

Report from the Pitch:

NJ Soccer Machine Chugs AlongBy Scott Hebbeler (NJ) NJ advanced to 2-0 on the season after a come from behind victory Monday afternoon. While both teams struggled to find a rhythm in the first half, NJ opened the second half with solid midfield play and tenacious defense. Brit Smith was the star of the game… Continue reading Report from the Pitch: