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The World's Epidemic

“Today’s leaders will be judged by history as to how they combated the AIDS epidemic.” So challenged Peter Piot, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, to a crowd of students, faculty, and business leaders this past Thursday at the Kennedy School’s Arco Forum. Mr. Piot was the keynote speaker of last week’s two day workshop that…


Building the African Dream

As opportunities for boundless growth continue to diminish in the United States and other developed nations, businesses are learning how to shift their focus to emerging economies. Though Asia, particularly China, has benefited most from this new wave of foreign investment, Africa is beginning to reposition herself to capture some of the benefits of globalization….


Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson’s recent interview with Martin Bashir, the enterprising British journalist with questionable ethics, has understandably set off a media maelstrom both in the US and around the world. Jackson, already the media’s poster child for eccentricity and favorite celebrity punching bag, raised new doubts and fears about both his private life and his relationship…


Does HBS Care About Africa?

DeGaulle said that the 20th Century would be the African century, but he was wrong. We are still waiting for the African renaissance, and we are still waiting for an Africa that we can be proud of. And it seems that as a consequence of this the world has started to forget about Africa and…


UNstudy II- AIDS in Africa

When a couple of people get together to talk about how to make our world a better place, they can be called agitators or outliers. When a half a dozen people start talking about key issues, some eyebrows get raised. But when nearly 50 people get together in a number of groups over an entire…


Get ready for Spring Break!

Allow the HBS Health Services to customize your travel plans and prepare you with the appropriate advice, immunizations and medications to ensure that your next pleasure or business trip is a success.In addition to geographic risk factors, personalized attention will be provided to prevent the risk of acquiring illness during travel.Hopefully, the following questions and…


Africa Inc-

The Harvard Africa Business Club will be hosting its Annual Africa Business Conference-“Africa Inc. -A New Frontier for Business”-on March 8-9th. Started only four years ago, the conference has gained a reputation in Africa and abroad, as a premier event for delving into the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of African business. As an exciting addition,…


Putting Theory into Action

At 1 am on Friday, January 31, our plane finally started to move. The plane had been sitting on the tarmac at Logan Airport for three hours waiting to be de-iced. Edrienne Brandon (NB), Wesley Brandon (NF), Jeff Norton (NG), Sheeba Philip (ND) and I were headed for the 12th Annual Babcock Marketing Case Competition…


Africa's Lack of Leadership

Many point to external factors as the primary causes of Africa’s problems, especially European colonialism. While it is true that colonialism contributed its fair share to Africa’s woes, its legacy has long been used as an excuse by African governments to cover up the true problem: their own corruption and ineptitude. Instead of dismantling the…


Congratulations to Feyi and Ope!

Congratulations to Section F’s very own Feyi Folowosele (now Boroffice) and her husband Ope, who got married in Africa over the holidays. Here’s Feyi’s report on the big event:“Ope and I left for Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday the 22nd. After a short hectic week we had our traditional Yourba pre-wedding ceremony on Friday the 28th….


New Technologies for Job Creation in Africa

On December 12, the Africa Business, Social Enterprise and International Business & Development Clubs co-sponsored a lecture given by Martin Fisher, co-founder of Appropriate Technologies (ApproTEC), a non-profit organization based in Kenya. Fisher, a Stanford Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, first visited Kenya as a Fulbright Scholar in the mid-1980s. In 1991, he established ApproTEC, an…


World AIDS Day – December 1st

“Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” – Chinese proverb Nearly a year has passed since I began a HBS field study on AIDS, working with five other students to design a distribution strategy for AIDS drugs in Africa. I have to admit that I am starting…


Kabila Promises Peace During HBS Visit

Ringed by layers of security and accompanied by an entourage of senior Congolese government officials, Democratic Republic of the Congo President Joseph Kabila, 30, visited Harvard Business School last Monday to meet briefly with Dean Kim B. Clark and have lunch with a selected group of faculty and students. His visit was followed by an…


Fighting AIDS in Africa A viewpoint

Late last week 39 major drug companies, including such powerhouses as Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb, bowed to immense international pressure and withdrew a lawsuit they had filed against the South African government. The suit sought to block a law allowing generic drug companies to produce and market patented drugs under certain conditions. While any…


Africa Business Club Hosts 3rd Annual Conference

In 1998, Nelson Mandela aptly identified Africa as the last major untapped market. As his successor South African President Thabo Mbeki, in partnership with other African leaders, prepares Africa’s “Marshall Plan” for economic resurgence, Harvard Business School’s Africa Business Club (ABC) hosted the 3rd Annual Africa Business Conference from March 23-24. The conference, one of…


Ray Gilmartin at HBS

Ray Gilmartin, CEO and Chairman of Merck, visited HBS on February 6th to kick off the Society and Enterprise course for RC September students. In introducing Gilmartin, Dean Kim Clark hailed the pharmaceutical executive as a business leader who took his responsibility to society as seriously as his responsibility to shareholders. Gilmartin then spoke about…

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