Golf Tips From a Pro

A correct posture is important to allow the body and arms to move freely back and through toward the target. Begin by standing upright with your shoulders pulled back and your feet about shoulder width apart (slightly closer for short clubs and slightly wider for woods). Tilt forward at the hips until your arms hang… Continue reading Golf Tips From a Pro

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Get ready for Spring Break!

Allow the HBS Health Services to customize your travel plans and prepare you with the appropriate advice, immunizations and medications to ensure that your next pleasure or business trip is a success.In addition to geographic risk factors, personalized attention will be provided to prevent the risk of acquiring illness during travel.Hopefully, the following questions and… Continue reading Get ready for Spring Break!

BostonTrek 2002

This is the second in a series of articles profiling companies that are participating in BostonTrek 2002. With each new installment, it becomes more and more clear that there are still many great high tech jobs in the Boston area. Empirix was founded in September 2000 as a carve-out from Teradyne to pursue the opportunity… Continue reading BostonTrek 2002

What gives Us the right?

Recently, I attended a conference with many other students from HBS. I was shocked when I overheard a student rudely tear apart the business model of seasoned entrepreneur’s latest venture. The speaker was clearly too professional and gracious to do anything other than nod politely, but it made me ask myself an important question. What… Continue reading What gives Us the right?

Overview of Investment Banking

What is investment banking? Depending on who you ask (including i-bankers themselves), you will get somewhat different answers. Broadly speaking, investment banks provide a gamut of financial and advisory services to corporations, institutions (both private and public) and even individuals (usually high-net-worth ones.very high). There are generally three or more distinct business areas that major… Continue reading Overview of Investment Banking

Working the HBS Network

Harvard Business School students commonly cite the extensive HBS Network as a primary motivator in their school selection. Indeed, MBA graduates report that, in retrospect, networking was the most important part of their job-search activity. Stacey Kessel, HBS Associate Director of MBA Career Services, points out that even those who found jobs via on-campus recruiting… Continue reading Working the HBS Network

Schmoozing 101

I am a terrible schmoozer. When I saw that there was a career fair during Cyberposium, I knew I had to go. After all, this was MY career fair, not investment bankers or VC guys or gals, this was the career fair where I might actually be considered a desirable candidate. So I threw on… Continue reading Schmoozing 101

Employment Committee Continues to Seek Harvard Community Views

The University-wide committee that was formed in May 2001 to examine issues relating to the economic welfare and opportunities of lower-paid employees at Harvard, both those employed directly by the University and those employed by companies that provide on-campus services to the University continues to seek the views of the Harvard community. The Harvard Committee… Continue reading Employment Committee Continues to Seek Harvard Community Views

Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs To Be Done

They say the best things come in small packages. So it is with Bob Nelson’s absorbing little management handbook, subtitled “Every Employee’s Guide to Making Work More Rewarding”. Crammed full of specific, practical advice for young managers, the book’s central philosophy is this: your employer has one Ultimate Expectation, albeit one that’s seldom stated explicitly-that… Continue reading Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs To Be Done

What's Hot This Week

Second-year international students are reaching out to help their first-year colleagues with how to survive at HBS as a non-native English speaker. The advice will come at a lunchtime panel session tomorrow at noon in Aldrich 110. The panel is being sponsored by the SA Senate, with support from the Education representatives and the International… Continue reading What's Hot This Week

Oh, Baby!

I now know why everyone was looking so sleepy in class last spring-apparently, no one was actually getting any sleep. Early last year, we joked about how the section motto should be “C Section-we deliver!” OK, everybody-groan on cue. But we had no idea how true the saying would become. There are currently something like… Continue reading Oh, Baby!

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Cheers and Jeers

Cheer: To Case Protagonist Bill Feth (’75), CEO of Akron Electronics Supply Company. After finishing Supply Chain class with the normal case protagonist wrap-up, Feth went above the call of duty and gave us heartfelt advice about maintaining work/life balance, giving back to the community, and exercising freedoms. The ovation Feth received was the most… Continue reading Cheers and Jeers

Jimmy's Harborside

Sometimes, you find a restaurant that makes you wish you’d stayed in for pizza. Jimmy’s Harborside, as the name suggests, is on the water. One entire wall is a plate-glass window overlooking the Harbor, with a beautiful view. Seeing the view, I requested a window table. The woman at the front desk glared at me… Continue reading Jimmy's Harborside

Section Q

As I start writing this column, my farewell contribution to Section Q, it is snowing. snowing in late April. I wonder: is winter really over? Then I listen this faint internal voice in my mind asking “Marcelo, shouldn’t you be writing your four pending term papers instead of speculating about the weather?” Hum, the answer… Continue reading Section Q

Boston Trek 2001 Highlights

Last week – while much of the September RC students were shuffling through Harvard Square in their suits, EC students were enjoying some time off, and January RC students were adjusting to new sections – over 300 HBS students participated in Boston Trek. The organizers of Boston Trek have been hosting panel presentations for HBS… Continue reading Boston Trek 2001 Highlights