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David Moeller's (OC) Claw Will Tear Through Stores This Summer!

At a business school with such a commitment to entrepreneurship, students like David Moeller (OC) inspire professors. “It’s great to see students apply the entrepreneurship toolkit that we provide in class in real time, in their ventures,” said Professor Mukti Khaire. “It’s experiential learning at its best.” HBS is often used as a laboratory for…


Cashmere Mafia

Ferocious and unpredictable, sassy and ambitious, sexy and demanding, relentless and (let’s face it) not-really for everyone! No, we are not talking about HBS women, we are introducing you to the Cashmere Mafia! The new winter filler show on ABC is a B-School cocktail of Sex and the City, Old Boys Club, Desperate Housewives and…


Asia Business Club Welcomes RCs

“I’m interested in finding out more about pursuing a career in Asia – is this the club for me?”.”How can I get involved in organizing the Asia Business Conference?…”Do you know anyone I can practice my Mandarin with?”.”Great Food!” These were just some of the comments overheard from among the more than 100 HBS students…


Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

Now it’s my turn. I get to be the Grady Little of humor writing tonight since my partner in crime, the larger-than-life Kevin Barhydt, had to bail on me tonight for interviews on the left coast. Hopefully his coffee serving skills for the Starbucks second round are better than his hockey game. I have to…


It's Getting Real. . . It's Getting Hard.

“Real” and “Hard”. . . this is what we were teased with at the beginning. Our expectations were high and boy, did ABC not deliver. THIS SHOW WAS BRUTAL!!! We are now starting to believe that Grady Little intentionally blew Game 7, because he wanted to be a guest producer for this show. There is…


This Is Orgasmic

[Editor’s Note: Bob-a-Palooza is a regular column (though one of questionable literary value) chronicling the tale of the T.V. series, The Bachelor which is on ABC.] Apparently word has gotten out about the new Harbus humor column. In Fact, Last Wednesday’s Red Sox game was pushed up from 8pm to 4pm to alleviate our conflict…


Bob-a-Palooza Heats Up

Editors Note: Kevin and Casey, with obviously far too much time on their hands, regale us again in part two of their continuing, er, blow by blow of the reality show, “The Bachelor.” Much to our surprise, we’re back for week two. We must admit, we were a little concerned that we wouldn’t be invited…


John Ritter, Comedian, Dead at 54.

John Ritter was my babysitter. Not in the flesh of course, and not in the “it’s so sad his parents never spent time with him” way. I liked John. He was funny. John Ritter died last Thursday at the age of 54. He was a televisions star. Not as much today as in 1978, although…


Oscar loves Chicago

The Oscar nominations were released with traditional pomp and show in Los Angeles last Tuesday. Chicago led the pack with 13 nominations this year including a nomination for Best Picture. Gangs of New York lagged behind the remake of the Fosse classic by nabbing 10 nominations. The Hours topped the list off with 9 nominations….


Editorial: TV Reality

It’s amazing that literally each week, like clockwork, the men and women behind what we see on television find a way to televise something even more stupid and nauseating. Yes that was blunt, but for me, reality TV officially resigned from the universe of quality with ABC’s The Bachelor which was based on a group…


American Society: Bobby Brown is back

In mid-December, a primetime (and widely watched) ABC 20/20 interview reunited America with one of our favorite performers and greatest music industry legends ever. Whitney Houston was present too. Of course I’m talking about the Whitney proclaimed “Original King of R&B”, Bobby Brown. Let me digress. Before I go any further, I have to address…


J-Crew Returns from Winter Break

Section J returned to the HBS scene with renewed vitality from a well-deserved winter break. While some felt the bite of the economy and went in search of summer jobs, some preferred to ski, socialize or do the old-fashioned “Home for the Holidays.” Many came back loaded with goodies like Julie Bell who came back…


Heard of the "African Embassy" at HBS?

On September 22, 2001, the Africa Business Club (ABC) threw a barbecue and party at what has fondly become known as the “Embassy.” The purpose of this event was to encourage community building amongst the African contingent here at HBS as well as unite those students that have an interest in the continent. The party…


Case Rip Cord's French Vacation

The AOL Time Warner Merger: “Despite…problems Disney’s media might was not to be ignored: the company owed [sic] seven theme parks, 270 hotels, two cruise ships, 728 stores, 10 television stations, as well as the ABC network, nine international Disney channels and 42 radio stations.” “Owing” all that seems like it certainly might bust into…

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