Reviews from Admitted Students

“It helped focus my preparation, gave me a guide for where I should focus my efforts. Interviewing isn’t something I do well without lots of practice (as evidenced by a poor showing at my Kellogg interview! — waitlisted at Kellogg), and the guide helped me get out of deer-in-headlights mode and start moving. With the guide at hand, I practiced and practiced, and nailed both my HBS and Haas interviews (admitted to both).”

“The HBS Interview Guide was an invaluable resource for my interview preparation. It was well written, up-to-date, and covered nearly every question asked during my interview. The format of the Guide was also top-notch: the question-and-answer layout helped me refine my own ideas so my answers never felt rehearsed or stale. Last year, I interviewed without using the Guide and was not admitted. This year, I purchased the Guide and was admitted to HBS. The results speak for themselves – buy the Guide!”

“Excellent resource. Most questions asked were included in the guide.”

“It was instrumental. The questions were spot on and I felt well-prepared.”

“Many questions I was asked came directly from the guide.”

“The interview guide was phenomenal in not only preparing me for the type of questions which would be asked, but also in helping me consider other aspects of the interview (travel logistics, where to stay, places to purchase items I may have forgotten to pack, etc.).”

“The analysis of potential interview questions was excellent; also details like writing a thank you note”

“Very helpful for interview preparation. The questions and advice stimulated different responses/talking points that I wanted to highlight and also helped me to jog my memory for relevant anecdotes.”

“Tremendous! Extremely helpful. Loved the advice on how to prepare, and the questions were terrific. Felt very prepared for the interview.”

“It was wonderful and a perfect primer to getting into interview prep mode. I don’t know if this is the case of many but I was not applying to HBS but your guide seemed to be the only unofficial guide out there. My interviews were both successful. Thank you for your help.”

“Loved the guide. It was concise, accurate and very helpful. The best guide for any applicant interviewing with HBS.”

“Guide was very helpful. Best money I could have spent on interview prep!”

“The guide was very useful and practical. Thanks for the great tips!”

“The HBS interview is very different from other schools in that it goes into extreme depth on the applicant’s background, career, and most importantly, choices. My interview spanned my whole adult life in about 10 minutes. Because of the guide I was prepared for this line of questioning, and fully prepared to explain and defend the major choices I have made in life.”

“The guide was extremely helpful. Keep up the great work!”

“”Made me more confident, thought about things I hadn’t considered”

“Very good. I was prepared for 80% of the questions. The remainder was mostly specific to my application.”