Auntie Sam

Dear Auntie Sam, Today I was talking to a boy friend of mine completely traumatized that Renata Dionello just got engaged. I think he actually thought he stood a chance. What is it with the “H Bomb” and HBS guys? Don’t they realize that the H Bomb only works with non-HBS women? Anyway, what’s with… Continue reading Auntie Sam

EuroTrek Paris

For the first time, on January 9th and 10th 2001, EuroTrek crossed the channel between London and Paris. Registered participants were attracted by top speakers and the prospects of partying in “Gai Paris” before coming back to snowy New England… They were not to be disappointed. Among other top senior executives were the CEO of… Continue reading EuroTrek Paris

Step-by-step guide to writing for Harbus Features:

All of us can, and should, write for The Harbus.Our Promise: We’ll print it, or give you a damn good reason why not1. Turn on computer2. Write article3. Spell check 4. Repeat step 35. Send to sjohnston@mba2002.hbs.edu6. Bask in new-found glory Technical bit: Articles should be less than 500 wds, interviews max 1000 wds. Pictures… Continue reading Step-by-step guide to writing for Harbus Features:

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How it Could Have Been: Cereal Killers

After wrapping up a fairly intense Fall Quarter, four hundred exhausted Kellogg students headed to Whistler, British Columbia for our annual school ski trip. The landscape at Whistler was a scenic as it is reputed to be, and the trip was truly memorable and about as debaucherous as might be expected. We all managed to… Continue reading How it Could Have Been: Cereal Killers

Pop Quiz

Given the rumors flying around about the Spangler Center, we asked: If you were left $50m by an alum, what would you do? “I would buy Robin King (NF) a beach house in Manchester, a ski house in Lake Tahoe, a chateau in France, a 60 ft. boat, and of course a jet so she… Continue reading Pop Quiz

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Section P

The month of January was a full of fun and exciting events for all partners of the HBS Community. The HBS Partners’ Club hosted a plethora of events, including a Frist Year-Second Year Partner Mixer, a Museum Trek, a evening of dining at Pho Pastueur, and much, much more. Currently, the club is looking for… Continue reading Section P

Westrek Evolving

Starting my journey of fifteen hours from Brussels to San Francisco on this cold morning of January 1st, tiredness and a slight drunkenness made me wonder if the trip was worth it. Trading a week of enjoyable vacation at home for six thousand miles of travel and twelve company visits suddenly sounded at best very… Continue reading Westrek Evolving

Third Millennium

As we enter into February of the year 2001, I can’t avoid looking back… to our recent past … to the year 2000. The year 2000… it is over… it feels strange. Millions of people had been looking forward to it – anxiously – for years, perhaps decades. Literarily millions of clocks around the world,… Continue reading Third Millennium

EuroTrek 2001 – Stockholm!

“Harvard Business School has an international reputation of being the hatchery of the next generation of international top leaders… and right now they are very interested in the new economy and wireless… IT Sweden entice Harvard…” These were some of the quotes used to describe EuroTrek Stockholm and us HBS students in the leading Swedish… Continue reading EuroTrek 2001 – Stockholm!

Alphabet Soup and Aussie Day, NC Style

Never before has the word “moreover” received a more careful and practiced enunciation than it did last week during Section C’s Alphabet Day. Not just “moreover”, but also “jointly,” “furthermore,” and most bizarrely, “Xerox.” Unfortunately, the rigors of A-B-C were too much for some C-ers to take, the author included. Most alphabetically-challenged were Katherine Mossman,… Continue reading Alphabet Soup and Aussie Day, NC Style

Mike Meyer's Prophetic Stats for NI

What you probably already know…31% are former consultants24% are ex-bankers57% live on campus But did you know…o 37% will never have their name correctly pronounced by your profso 12% live in Peabody and will therefore suffer from clinical depressiono 98% will hate BGIE (except Seneca, who will dominate every discussion)o 3 will hook-up (most likely… Continue reading Mike Meyer's Prophetic Stats for NI

Team Grimace Eats up the Competition

Over 250 first-year students competed in the fun-filled Class of 2002 Color Squad Winter Games last Friday.The Purple Squad narrowly edged out Navy, thanks to a late push in the Tug-Of-War event. Grey, Gold, and Orange finished behind them.The event was designed to bring September and January students together across typical cohort boundaries.The entire Class… Continue reading Team Grimace Eats up the Competition

Harbus Launches New Online Edition

Striving to offer HBS students a newspaper that matches their cyber-lifestyle, the Harbus is launching a new online edition Monday, February 5. Harbus staff say enlivened design and enhanced interactivity will draw ever more users to the address “The online edition is the primary gateway to the Harbus for many of our students, alumni… Continue reading Harbus Launches New Online Edition

HBS Team wins the second prize at the Dell Case Competition

“Business models are converging. New access devices are growing. Where it the money for Dell?”. It’s on this somewhat laconic assignment that the final of the Dell Case Competition started on January, 26th in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the enthusiastic HBS team (Don Khamapirad, Yi Sun, Ellis Chi and Benjamin Gigot).We spent 24 very intense… Continue reading HBS Team wins the second prize at the Dell Case Competition

Amadeus: Your e-ticket to European Company Information

Are you conducting a networked job search in Europe? Or do you need financials for that private software firm in France? If so, Amadeus is the tool for you. One of the flagship databases for Brussels-based electronic publisher, Bureau Van Dijk (BVD), Amadeus is a searchable database of 3.7 million public and private companies in… Continue reading Amadeus: Your e-ticket to European Company Information

What is a Color Squad?

At the end of the RC, we are asked to rank how we feel about the HBS community. Historically, September cohort students rank their affiliation level as strongest with their section, followed by cohort and then their class. January cohort students relay a greater sense of closeness to their cohort, followed by section and then… Continue reading What is a Color Squad?

Recruiter Business Newsflash

The Harbus is pleased to offer this service in conjunction with Baker Library to brief you on the weekly business news highlights of the main HBS recruiters. The news is taken from The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition and aims to provide a weekly summary of articles that can be followed up in greater depth.… Continue reading Recruiter Business Newsflash

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Cyberposium TechShow To Unveil New Products

On February 10, all members of the HBS community (including those without Cyberposium tickets) will have an opportunity to see and touch cutting-edge products and technologies that have the potential to make a substantial impact on the way we live and do business. The Show’s featured themes include wireless devices, converging media, mobile computing, and… Continue reading Cyberposium TechShow To Unveil New Products

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HBS Running Calendar

February 8, 2001Logan Post 5.1K West Somerville, MA USA 7:00PM Logan Post, 1194 Broadway Contact: 508-775-0143 BostonClyde@aol.comKhoury’s 4.13M East Somerville, MA USA 7:15PM Khoury’s State Spa, 118 Broadway Contact: 617-598-1028 x1024 February 10, 2001Fresh Pond 5M/2.5M Cambridge, MA USA 10:00AM Fresh Pond, Route 2 Contact: 617-494-1633 northmedfordclub@aol.comCMS 52-Week 5K Series #6 Worcester, MA USA… Continue reading HBS Running Calendar

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NA Squeezes Some OJ

New A defeated Old J, 63-53, in its opener of the IM basketball season. NA came out fast, sprinting to a 40-23 halftime lead behind four three pointers from Joaquin Tamez (22 points) and the gritty play of Geoff Swift, who finished with eight points and several boards on the night. Old J did not… Continue reading NA Squeezes Some OJ