Break-Through Rapid Reading

If you’re like most people, you probably read at a rate of about 285 words per minute (WPM). But what if you could read at 500, 1000, or even 2000 WPM? Imagine being able to read your cases in half the time. It was exactly this possibility that led me to pick up Peter Kump’s…


The Vault

Perhaps even more so than tough finance questions, brainteasers can unnerve the most icy-veined, well-prepared finance candidate. Even if you know the relationships between inflation, bond prices and interest rates like the back of a dollar bill, all your studying may not help you when your interviewer asks you how many ping pong balls fit…


The January Cohort

A very special group of students joined us this winter, as the January cohort of the class of 2002 started registering for classes on January 2, 2001. As the first class to christen Spangler Hall, they were also the last group that will be known as a “January” cohort. And if that wasn’t enough, they…


Trading Places

One of the many features of HBS is your Section and Seat assignment. Fresh from Foundations, first-years flick, fingers fluttering, through reams of smiling facsimile faces of the cohort, looking for the Section and the Seat with which they will forever be associated. Heaving with relief from not being put in the same section as…


Section Q

I have been seriously discussing with myself, a very tough interlocutor, for about three hours what could be the best way of welcoming and saluting the last glorious January Cohort in HBS history: the one of Class 2002. After having written two versions of this article I decided I had better reviewing what I wrote…


George W. Bush Timeline

1946 George W. Bush born July 6 in New Haven, Conn.1948 Bush family moves from Connecticut to Texas.1950 Sister Robin born.1953 Brother Jeb born. Robin dies of leukemia.1955 Brother Neil born.1956 Brother Marvin born.1959 Sister Dorothy born.1961 Enrolls at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass.1964 Graduates from Andover and enrolls at Yale University. His father loses…


Section P

The Partners’ Club hosted a wonderful January Cohort Partners’ Orientation Lunch on Sunday, January 7th. The event was sponsored by the HBS Student Association. New partners were given the opportunity to meet one another before the rest of the students and partners returned from Winter Break. If you are a partner and missed this event,…


Section TBD

After starting classes, the January cohort prepared themselves for a busy weekend. There were, of course, some people who decided to take advantage of the long weekend and travel. The ones who stayed, however, were ready to party all over the place, and with a vengeance! We started warming up on Thursday, when 40+ people…


Stowe Away Frogs

The long weekend saw the advent of the much-anticipated Section F ski trip, and 38 Frogs and partners moved the Frog Pond from Aldrich 208 to Stowe, Vermont. Terrible traffic and dodgy directions made the trip up an arduous one–just ask Craig Robinson, who headed towards Maine before coming back to Massachusetts and finally turning…


Undefeated, Baby!!!

In its first outing of the season, the OF B-squad graciously accepted the forfeit victory from an overwhelmed NG squad that just couldn’t face up to starting off the new year against the crimson side. Someone in NG was rumored to have said, “I’ll take C&S, BGIE, Hell Week, and the rest, but facing those…


Classmates remember Bush the personality

When George W. Bush announced his candidacy for president of the United States in 1999, many members of HBS’s Class of 1975 rallied to support their classmate with their time and money. Many were tantalized by the bragging rights and some agreed with his politics. April Hoxie Foley, however, had other motives. April Hoxie was…


Wondering about your career path?

Imagine yourself checking the job bank one night as your wrestle with the possibilities of spending the summer as a consultant or a banker. A new job listing catches your eye. The organization: The United States of America, the title: Chief Executive, the location: The White House. Intrigued by the possibility of securing a job…


Dell Case Competition at Harvard

The Dell Case Competition took place on Dec 8 and Dec 9, 2000. The competition was sponsored by Dell, which would like to get some business ideas from MBA students. I believed that the competition started at University of Michigan and now has extended to other business schools (Chicago, Duke, Kellog, Michigan, UNC, and Wharton)….



Welcome to the G.W.Bush special issue. Spearheaded by Rick Zednik NF the issue aims at bringing the new president of the US and HBS’s most powerful alum closer to members of the community. As with all special issues to come, this has been explored under various sections of the paper with spoofs and cartoons in…


The HBS Superbowl Pro Forma

Who will win the Superbowl?The Giants – 60%The Ravens – 30%The Yankees – 10% How many dot coms with Superbowl commercials will be out of business next year?Four – 30%Five – 10%All – 60%None – 0% Who do you want to sing the National Anthem?The She-O’s – 10%Milli Vanilli – 10%Dean Clark – 20%Britney Spears…

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