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HBS’s Technology Skill Set Gap

“One of the things about IT is that people want to shed it and make believe it’s not their responsibility. There’s a temptation to outsource it and get rid of it and leave it to the experts to take care of. Business people need to be systems literate.” – Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, & CEO…

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Crowd-funding for impact in Nicaragua

Neural tube defects are a type of devastating and often lethal birth defects that can be prevented when mothers take folic acid before and during early-pregnancy. But neural tube defects arise during the 4th week of development, and with more than half of pregnancies around the world unplanned, folic acid supplements often reach pregnant women…

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A View : Contextual Awareness

The current issue of Harvard Business Review contains an article called Focused Leaders written by Daniel Goleman that is worth reading and reflecting upon. Goleman makes the point that most effective leaders cultivate a “triad of awareness” as the editor’s note describes to include oneself, others, and the greater context. Much has been written about…

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Thanks, Thanksgiving

Done. Dusted. Plate licked clean. Just as fast as it came along, Thanksgiving now recedes into the past like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s boats against the current. Unnecessary literary allusions aside (and didn’t the Baz Luhrmann version just suck?), not only did it make the stomach ache, it also made the mind think. Being from the…

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Raamin Noodles: How to Black Friday

Well folks, November has come and gone, and with it has gone not only the strongest batch of mustaches this campus has seen since the late 1950s, but also that venerable American holiday we know as Thanksgiving. For the somehow-still-confused internationals in the audience, Thanksgiving is the most uniquely American of all holidays because it…

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The MBA Dress Code

By now, the HBS student body has finalized its sartorial transformation into the peculiar combination of waterproof boots and Burberry scarves that can only be described as “British peasant farmer couture”. As this transition takes place, it becomes clearer and clearer that despite the changing of the seasons and the passing of time, a unifying…

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One Western Ave 451

This column will follow the triumphs and tribulations of Spencer, Andrew and Felicity, three housemates in One Western 451, as they navigate the coming academic year at Harvard Business School. Andrew, an EC, worked for Deloitte in Phoenix, AZ, is home town. You’d be hard-pressed to find this out, because he talks about his two-month…

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Raamin Noodles

Dude. You gotta chill. This hallowed institution to which you have entrusted two years of your life, one hundred and twenty thousand of your dollars, and uncounted liver cells is, in fact, very different from the job you just left. Effort isn’t rewarded the same way, 360-degree feedback is considerably less frequent (FIELD 1 doesn’t…

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Finding Love at HBS—Going Digital

Dear readers, I have a confession to make: I have tried online dating, and I liked it. Who needs a bar when you can search for a soulmate from the comfort of your own couch? Who needs pickup lines when you have all the time in the world to craft the perfect, witty, feels-like-we’ve-known-each-other-forever message?…

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Gravity: A Devastatingly Handsome Film

Newton would be amazed. You will be… Anticipation is a dangerous thing. We’ve all been through the “Oh my God it’s going to be so unbelievably awesome” and then been hit in the face with Star Wars: Episode 1, or The Matrix: Reloaded (maybe it’s the colons, I dunno). In general, the more you’re itching…

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How to Build the Perfect Resume

After helping out with Resumania this past week, I encountered a lot of first-years who were confused and disillusioned at the thought of having to make another resume this quickly into the school year. I don’t mean confused as in, hey where is the Spangler Meredith Room for Resumania? No, I mean they seemed truly…

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A View: The First 90 Days

Last week in Seattle a newly hired Starbucks marketing manager reflected on her first month on the job. She had a first rate undergraduate education, had been the marketing manager for the largest snowshoe brand in America, graduated with a concentration in marketing from Kellogg, and had interned at Starbucks the previous summer. She was…

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Sierra Leone is more than just blood diamonds and a civil war. It once glowed as the intellectual epicenter of Africa. It is teeming with world-renowned writers, playwrights, musicians and scientists. These are the stories Evoque – a lifestyle magazine I founded in 2013 – strives to tell. After working for several years in finance…

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This past July, HBS ‘11 graduate Rachel Kim exchanged a fraction of her future income to a group of investors for $100,000 today. The money paid off Rachel’s student debt and helped fund her startup, Nailed Kit, while earning her a group of mentors committed to helping her navigate the next 10 years of her…

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Two Thoughts about Career Satisfaction

Again and again throughout your career you will be called to answer the question, “What is trying to emerge for me right now, what next step will lead to a greater opportunity for making my unique contribution?” We all can point to those times when work was the most exciting place to be in our…

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For the Love of Missing Out

How was your day today? Did you make the brown bag lunch with Professor Xavier, catch that talk by the CEO of ShamWow, schmooze at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Ice Cream Social, fit in boat races at the Boathouse for section drinks, and drop by the Black, White, Yellow, Pink, and Periwinkle parties…all with a…

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Game of Stones

During the first day of The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM) last year we learned about Bob Reiss, an HBS graduate who made a small fortune on a board game he published in the early 1980’s.  I vividly remember getting Cold Called in this class and being asked “Is it good or bad to be in the…

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Individual Dressing Rooms: Excerpts from Michel Anteby’s new book, Manufacturing Morals

Individual Dressing Rooms: Excerpts from Michel Anteby’s new book, Manufacturing Morals “Along with meeting in teaching groups and sharing teaching plans, faculty members also prepare their sessions individually. Though choreographed and performed privately, these are School-specific routines in which much uniformity still prevails. Whether at home or at the School, time is always set aside…

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Fleeting Bliss in Beirut

‘Dream as if you’ll life forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow’   Certainly one of the most over-memed (or ‘grammed) quotes out there. Gandhi must be pissed Yet it is also seemingly the most apt way to describe Lebanon’s approach to happiness.   It was perhaps a rather foolhardy visit – the foreign…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Dating at HBS

First, like all things at HBS, know that this is a competitive event. There are winners and losers. There are teams. There are rules, regulations, penalties. There is media buzz. There will be mistakes made, trades, roster cuts, and star performances from the players you least expected. The season will have its ups and downs…

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Raamin Noodles: The Nine Commandments for RC Happiness, as Practiced by the Class of 2014

Howdy, RCs! By now you’re more than a month into classes, and I bet you’re feeling like you’re just getting into the swing of things. You’re beginning to understand which cases you need to read closely (TOM) and which cases you can generally get away with skimming (literally anything else). You’re starting to figure out…

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Making a Difference in Your Community: The Harbus Foundation in 2013-2014

Harvard Business School’s purpose is to educate leaders who “make a difference in the world.” The Harbus Foundation wants students to make a difference in Boston – right here, and right now. The Harbus Foundation is a philanthropic foundation on campus; in fact, it is the only MBA-student-run foundation in the country.  With an endowment…

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HourlyNerd – From FIELD 3 to First-Round Financing

HourlyNerd – From FIELD 3 to First-Round Financing   HourlyNerd began as a Field 3 project in Section F. Like many of our peers from traditional backgrounds, we found the assignment daunting. We didn’t have experience creating companies from scratch — we didn’t even have an idea! The subsequent chain of events has surprised us,…

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Welcome to Harvard Business School

As you familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Harbus. The Harbus News Corporation is a business run by business school students. We have a P&L, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement (shout out Analytics peeps!). In addition to the print edition…

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Art Among Us | Art on Campus

Art Among Us Art on campus What is art? Why do we look at art? What purpose does art serve? These are centuries-old questions that are still debated by people in the art industry. At HBS, we rarely have the opportunity to discuss these sorts of questions in cases. Nevertheless, the artworks displayed throughout our…

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Be Mixed

Be Mixed The Cola Wars case taught us that the beverage industry is both unattractive and difficult. Either we are terrible listeners, took RC year to be one big Opposite Day, or, simply took TEM’s “fail early and fail often” motto literally, because we spent our summer launching a new drink. Before we give you…

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