Book Review of Zero-Sum Game: The Rise of the World’s Largest Derivatives Exchange

Most people think of New York City as the world’s financial hub, but the reality is that increasingly critical pillars of global financial markets stand—and have always stood—in Chicago.  Zero-Sum Game is a very well-written, gripping tale about the largest M&A deal to date in the exchange industry—a 2007 merger between century-old competitors that took…


Advice and Goodbyes

Last week, struggling through a painful day because I attended Brown Sugar (no – not my skin tone, but the party AASU and SABA throw each semester – it would be pretty weird and somewhat intriguing if I attended my skin tone, but that’s not the point), I realized something: I only have two columns…


Somewhere over the Footbridge Flies High

From April 11th to April 15th, Somewhere over the Footbridge will take HBS by storm. Hundreds of students will have the privilege of viewing the product of months of diligent work by some of HBS’s most talented writers, dancers, and singers, not to mention a host of others working behind the scenes to ensure the…


Newport Ball

Attention: RCs.  I want to go with YOU to Newport Ball.  That’s right – I want YOU to invite ME to the end of the year dance. I hate to be so blunt, but time is of the essence, and subtly has never been my forte (as has been explained to me post rejection at…


Senior Scramble

Why am I writing this column in just 45 minutes?  Why have I deemed you, my loyal readers, only worthy of ¾ of an hour? Is it my Competing through Social Networks project? While important – no – it’s not that. Is it the vacationing that accompanied a bevy of three day weekends and spring…



Last week while walking through Aldrich, I overheard two RCs talking: “That dating guy, you know the one who writes those funny columns?” said the first RC. “Um, ya, the Kwama Sutra,” responded her friend. “Right. He’s extremely cute, and I hear he’s charming and charismatic, but he writes about being rejected all the time….

Features, Humor

10 Easy Ways to be More Frugal at HBS

At first glance, it may seem as though frugality and HBS are incompatible. After all, HBS students pay significant amounts of money for tuition, housing, and lavish travels. Yet frugality goes beyond the definition of penny-pinching. It is a philosophy by which people acquire and use their resources wisely to achieve their long term goals….


The Unofficial Guide to Valentine’s Day at HBS

Yes, you are reading Kwama Sutra on the front page of the Harbus.  No, I am not announcing that I am in a relationship, as that is still a work in progress (kind of like the Big Dig in Boston during the 90s).  Yes, it is Valentine’s Day and the powers that be (Lavayna) have…



“So you’re telling me you could be attracted to me, but because we are friends, not be romantically interested in me?” I said, with a mix of frustration and intrigue. “This is about as logical as investing in a subprime mortgage loan,” I continued, using a surprisingly apropos financial markets analogy, given my lack of…


How to Know if He’s into You

Like, all great writers I had an epiphany when I went to Africa.  My trip, while absolutely amazing, gave me insight into a problem plaguing men at HBS.  Sometimes we’re hard to read. Yes, men – HBS men – HBS men in their EC year – are hard to read. Beneath the JCrew button down…


20* Questions

Meet Blake! I am not going to tell you how long it took for me to get this interview from Blake. I don’t want to confirm any stereotypes about people who quote a Nicholas Cage movie as their answer to “words to live by.” But, Blake is a friend of the HARBUS (see February 2010…


Deadbeat Harbus Rep

Hello classmates. Look at your Deadbeat Harbus Representative. Now back to me. Now back to your representative. Now back to me. Sadly, they aren’t me. But if they got off their lazy ass and started contributing to the Harbus, they could write like they’re me. Or they could write like they’re themselves. Or they could…



Sing it with me: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (and let’s not forget all of the other religious holidays) at HBS. Fine – I’ll stop with the songs. Nevertheless, soon the snow will indeed make our campus nice and serene.   Men will aim to conceal their increasingly large beer bellies under sweaters,…


Searching at HBS

The one thing I heard throughout recruiting is that “searching for dates and searching for jobs is the same thing.” I famously said this, co-writing a Kwama Sutra article with my section mate Renny McPherson last February, after attempting to gain a summer internship during the on campus recruiting period. Since then, my “single” bond…


HBS Rock Band in Hostile Takeover

“Last weekend saw the official debut of the biggest and baddest rock band to come out of HBS – Hostile Takeover. The band played a 2-hour gig at a sold-out Tommy Doyle’s, and covered a range of songs from artists such as The Killers, Bruce Springsteen and Guns N’ Roses. The view from the audience…


Food for Thought – A Stellar Dining Experience at Stella

Restaurant Review “On November 5th, a group of RCs ventured into the South End to experience First Friday, a monthly event featuring the galleries of various artists in the area. As I stared at the matted blue square hanging on the wall of a gallery in 450 Harrison Ave., I felt a sudden series of…


What the Funk is in My Beer?

On November 5th, 500 beer connoisseurs flocked to Boston’s South End for “”The Night of the Funk,”” produced by Beer Advocate and sponsored by Allagash. In good spirits and sporting an impressive quantity and variety of facial hair, attendees were afforded the opportunity to sample some of the most unique-tasting beers from around the world….

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