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Personal Doorman

Our summer job was to pick up dry cleaning and groceries for other people.  Your next question might be: “You went to HBS for that?”. But that’s what it took to launch ‘Personal Doorman’, our business, which brings hotel service to your home.  Ending the summer more excited than we began – our ride from…

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Raamin Noodles: The Nine Commandments for RC Happiness, as Practiced by the Class of 2014

Howdy, RCs! By now you’re more than a month into classes, and I bet you’re feeling like you’re just getting into the swing of things. You’re beginning to understand which cases you need to read closely (TOM) and which cases you can generally get away with skimming (literally anything else). You’re starting to figure out…

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Making a Difference in Your Community: The Harbus Foundation in 2013-2014

Harvard Business School’s purpose is to educate leaders who “make a difference in the world.” The Harbus Foundation wants students to make a difference in Boston – right here, and right now. The Harbus Foundation is a philanthropic foundation on campus; in fact, it is the only MBA-student-run foundation in the country.  With an endowment…

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Gender at HBS: An Open Letter to the Harbus

We are three women from the Class of 2013 who are writing in response to the Harbus articles regarding the recent New York Times feature on gender at HBS.  We believe that, amidst the commentary prompted by the coverage, the Harbus conversation, led by the pieces “It will be OK,” and “A Response to Jodi Kantor,” have perhaps missed the…

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The Adventures of Priscilla

In 1994, Australian cinema made waves on the international stage with the dramatic comedy, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – a feel-good tale about two drag queens and a transgender woman on a journey through the Australian outback. The film made a splash in the cinematic world, in the global LGBT community,…

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Afternoon at Alton Lane

Last week, the Harbus along with Marc Pierre (OG) chatted with Chris Cuozzo, the director of Alton Lane’s Newbury Street showroom. When the team arrived, there was no signage on the store. It’s a second floor secret!! The second floor showroom was visually stunning: faux zebra rugs on deep wooden floors met exposed brick walls…


Rock Center Announces Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR) Program

The Rock Center for Entrepreneurship oversees an Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR) program in which accomplished entrepreneurs and VCs visit campus monthly. During this time, they are available to students to offer counsel on their career or business planning issues. These meetings are a unique opportunity for students to connect one-on-one with entrepreneurs for meaningful conversations on a…

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WSA Launches Lunch Series with Professor Youngme Moon

  As you all know, the topic of gender at HBS has recently come under the spotlight after the NY Times article. As Co-Presidents of the HBS Women’s Student Association, we wanted to briefly comment on some of the issues raised. Many organizations face challenges with gender equality, and HBS is no exception. What is…

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It Will Be OK

Becky Cooper Nadis and Alana Hedlund respond to Jodi Kantor’s recent coverage of HBS in The New York Times. To the RCs: It will be ok. You may have seen an article in the NY Times about gender relations at HBS (or maybe you saw it on Facebook.  Or maybe it was emailed to you…

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Culture at HBS: A Response to Jodi Kantor

  The people for whom I have the most respect and admiration on this campus are not written about in The New York Times and are often not celebrated in graduation speeches.  What Ms. Kantor seemed to overlook in her recent piece about gender equality and culture at HBS is simple: the majority of people…

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Welcome from the WSA Leadership

You Spoke, We Listened. W51 Brings Exciting WSA Updates. From the new leadership team of the WSA, we’d like to officially welcome you to campus! It may seem like ages ago, but as last year wrapped up, we started acting on one of our highest priorities as incoming Co-Presidents of the WSA: listening. We spent…

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HourlyNerd – From FIELD 3 to First-Round Financing

HourlyNerd – From FIELD 3 to First-Round Financing   HourlyNerd began as a Field 3 project in Section F. Like many of our peers from traditional backgrounds, we found the assignment daunting. We didn’t have experience creating companies from scratch — we didn’t even have an idea! The subsequent chain of events has surprised us,…

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MBAx: MBAs Across America

That’s the advice Dave Schiff, Chief Creative at Made Movement, gave us this summer. He left a posh post at the famed ad firm Crispin Porter + Bogusky to move to Boulder and start a creative agency dedicated to the resurgence of American manufacturing. We worked with Dave and his team on the e-commerce side…

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Welcome, Back and Forward

Welcome, Back and Forward Welcome back future business leaders. And for you first years…welcome forward?  I can tell you that as a first year you will constantly be enamored with the second years, entranced with the classic paradigmagical trap that makes every second year seem much older and wiser than you are.  And, you’re right. …

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Welcome to Harvard Business School

As you familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Harbus. The Harbus News Corporation is a business run by business school students. We have a P&L, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement (shout out Analytics peeps!). In addition to the print edition…

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Be Mixed

Be Mixed The Cola Wars case taught us that the beverage industry is both unattractive and difficult. Either we are terrible listeners, took RC year to be one big Opposite Day, or, simply took TEM’s “fail early and fail often” motto literally, because we spent our summer launching a new drink. Before we give you…

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Raamin Noodles

Welcome to HBS, RCs! It’s fantastic to have a brand-new group of 900-odd students (as opposed to 900 odd students) who will neither understand the jokes ECs will be making at your expense nor, if my experience was any guide, even be exposed to ECs at all – until your old section decides to finally…

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One Western Ave 451 [Or: How I Met Your Biological Father / The Big Buyout Theory]

One Western Ave 451 [Or: How I Met Your Biological Father / The Big Buyout Theory] This column will follow the weekly triumphs and tribulations of Spencer, Andrew and Felicity, three housemates in One Western 451, as they navigate the coming academic year at Harvard Business School. Andrew, an EC, worked for Deloitte in Phoenix,…

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Making Travel a Peek Experience

Meet Peek.com – A one-stop shop for travelers looking to discover and book amazing experiences.  As classes come to a close and we start dreaming about summer adventures, don’t let the time consuming process of looking for and booking activities in your travel destinations become a reason to procrastinate. There are better things to push…

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HBS Strong: Our Campus Responds to the Boston Marathon Bombings

    Feature image provided by Elsa Sze. To see more of Elsa’ Msg4Boston photo project, visit www.facebook.com/msg4boston. For over 100 years, Patriots’ Day has been a fixture of Boston culture, a clapping, cheering, cow-bell ringing celebration between the runners of the Boston Marathon and the 26.2 miles of spectators cheering them the whole way….

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Harpoon: The Best Brewery Tour I Never Took

A few weeks ago I patronized the Harpoon Brewery with all intentions of touring the establishment and receiving a fine beer education. I took the MBTA Silver Line and happily discovered Harpoon just along the water’s edge. However, I couldn’t enter the building due to the line of folks winding out the door and into…

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The HBS New Venture Competition 2013

2013 marks the 17th year of the newly rebranded New Venture Competition (formerly comprising the student Business Plan and alumni New Venture contests). The NVC includes both business and social enterprise tracks and awards more than $300,000 in cash and in-kind support to winning student and alumni teams. Both competitions will conclude with a celebratory…

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WSA Endows Fellowship for Future Women Leaders

During a two-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of women being admitted to Harvard Business School’s (HBS) MBA program, Dean Nitin Nohria announced the endowment of the Women’s Student Association Fellowship by the WSA. This is the first time in HBS’ history that a student organization has endowed a fellowship. The HBS Women’s Student Association…

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