FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

FIELD 3 Business Directory

  Corrections? Omissions? Leave a comment and we’ll take care of it ASAP.   Art & Home Company Name Ticker Website URL Category C Canvas ART Art & Home A Ezee EZEE Art & Home D Furniture For Now FFN Art & Home A Really Awesome Designs RAD Art & Home G…

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FIELD 3 Start-Up Trains the Valley

Every year, many HBS students graduate and go work for technology companies such as Google and Zynga. Other HBS students choose to start their own ventures, which require them to hire and manage web developers. But most of these students have never written a line of code and are unsure of how to work with…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

Operation Save.the.Date: Four Growing Pains

  Save.the.Date is a fun, fresh twist on dating for couples in a long-term relationship. Once a month, customers get a curated date-in-a-box – items and description included – delivered to their doorstep, so they can enjoy a great date night in or around their house. Save.the.Date adds creativity and mystery to couples’ dating lives,…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

Folklore Learns that Starting a Company is No Easy Task

Idea? Check.  Investor Day presentation?  Check.  Name, ticker, and logo? Check.  Team Folklore got all of the basics down.  Now it was time to move from the brainstorming to the execution.  For those unfamiliar with the Folklore story, team FOLK’s product is a phone app that provides travelers with free user-generated audio tours of locations…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

This FIELD 3 Team is Out to Save.the.Date

Trading at $117 at the close of market, Section A’s Save.the.Date is off to a great start. It’s really no wonder given how good looking our team is. We have (in no particular order other than attractiveness), Prem, Nicole, Raviraj, Henry, Chris and myself. Oh, and the business idea has merit too. Once a month, our…

FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

Team Folklore Navigates FIELD 3

This column will follow a few RC teams through the process of launching a start-up as defined by FIELD 3.  Below is the first installment for Team Folklore (FOLK), a group of six sectionmates picked to start a business and have their progress blogged about in the Harbus.  Find out what happens when FIELD 3 stops…

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