Entrepreneurship Club Goes Global

This summer, in a move to further extend the reach and impact of HBS students and alumni worldwide, The Entrepreneurship Club of Harvard Business School launched its Global Entrepreneurship Initiatives. Through the Global Entrepreneurship Initiatives, the organization provides a vehicle for HBS students and alumni to help catalyze the economic development of the world’s nations… Continue reading Entrepreneurship Club Goes Global

A&E: A Minute With

As President of Fuse, Marc Juris oversees the first viewer-driven, all-music television network. Assuming leadership in January 2002, Juris manages all network strategy and operations, including the re-branding as Fuse (from Muchmusic USA) in May 2003. Prior to taking the helm of Fuse, Juris was executive vice president and GM of the AMC (American Movie… Continue reading A&E: A Minute With

The Five Files:

The Five Files return this week, with a detailed look at the author’s favorite park in the world – le Jardin Du Luxembourg, in Paris. The park is usually noted for three things: its natural, verdant beauty, its superb location in the centre of Paris, and the tendency for it to descend into a hub… Continue reading The Five Files:

Entrepreneurship Program at HBS Wins Top Award

The entrepreneurship program at Harvard Business School (HBS), which has offered courses in entrepreneurship for more than a half century and counts among its 65,000 graduates some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, won the top award for MBA programs nationwide from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), an organization devoted… Continue reading Entrepreneurship Program at HBS Wins Top Award

Infernal Rate of Return:

The HBS Show Staff returned from spring break today to release the long awaited title for this year’s extravaganza production. While the Show’s theme and many details remain shrouded in mystery, Infernal Rate of Return promises to live up to its 29-year history of wit and irreverence. Traditionally, the content of the HBS Show satirizes… Continue reading Infernal Rate of Return: