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HBS Alum Series: Q&A With The Honorable Elaine L. Chao, Class of 1979 Section C

  The Honorable Elaine L. Chao, the 24th U. S. Secretary of Labor who served from 2001-2009, is the first Asian Pacific American woman to be appointed to a President’s Cabinet in American  history. An immigrant who arrived in America at the age of eight speaking no English, Secretary Chao subsequently achieved a distinguished career…

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HBS Alum Series: Christopher Michel

Christopher Michel is an American investor, he is an entrepreneur, a Navy man, a photojournalist, an author and HBS alumni. He is the founder of Affinity Labs and Military.com and currently runs Nautilus Ventures, a seed venture fund. In 1999, after a brief stint at Mercer Consulting he decided to build his own company, Military.com….

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Boston’s new StartUp- Achvr

Last month, the Harbus had the privilege of sitting down with Ryan Traeger (CEO) and Drew Watson (CMO) to find out more about their new start-up, Achvr – a social platform that’s all about helping people live happier, more-fulfilled lives. Available online and through an iPhone app, Achvr works by applying familiar game mechanics to…

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Lets do well at SXSW this SXSW.

Goal: I want this article to be your ROI for tuition. For both years. In the next 700 words and 4 hashtags, readers of this Harbus post will get their $$ back. Execution: As HBS first years, we will not fall into the bad habits networking-like-a-second-year-section-leader that ‘some’ second years have fallen into, fell into…

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Facebook moves back to Cambridge.

Finally, Facebook comes home. Nine years after the social networking site launched in Cambridge, MA, it announced plans to install a new engineering center in Kendall Square, just two T stops off the red line from Harvard Square. According to a story posted on the Crimson, Ryan Mack, an infrastructure engineer who contributed to the development…

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This past July, HBS ‘11 graduate Rachel Kim exchanged a fraction of her future income to a group of investors for $100,000 today. The money paid off Rachel’s student debt and helped fund her startup, Nailed Kit, while earning her a group of mentors committed to helping her navigate the next 10 years of her…

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Game of Stones

During the first day of The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM) last year we learned about Bob Reiss, an HBS graduate who made a small fortune on a board game he published in the early 1980’s.  I vividly remember getting Cold Called in this class and being asked “Is it good or bad to be in the…

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Read With Me

This summer Ryan Eskridge and I decided to ditch sleep so that we could learn about the news business and how to write code. Lot’s of code. By the end of the summer Read With Me (www.getreadwithme.com) was born. Read With Me is a platform that enables you to personalize any news article by enabling you take any…

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Personal Doorman

Our summer job was to pick up dry cleaning and groceries for other people.  Your next question might be: “You went to HBS for that?”. But that’s what it took to launch ‘Personal Doorman’, our business, which brings hotel service to your home.  Ending the summer more excited than we began – our ride from…

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HourlyNerd – From FIELD 3 to First-Round Financing

HourlyNerd – From FIELD 3 to First-Round Financing   HourlyNerd began as a Field 3 project in Section F. Like many of our peers from traditional backgrounds, we found the assignment daunting. We didn’t have experience creating companies from scratch — we didn’t even have an idea! The subsequent chain of events has surprised us,…

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Be Mixed

Be Mixed The Cola Wars case taught us that the beverage industry is both unattractive and difficult. Either we are terrible listeners, took RC year to be one big Opposite Day, or, simply took TEM’s “fail early and fail often” motto literally, because we spent our summer launching a new drink. Before we give you…

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One Western Ave 451 [Or: How I Met Your Biological Father / The Big Buyout Theory]

One Western Ave 451 [Or: How I Met Your Biological Father / The Big Buyout Theory] This column will follow the weekly triumphs and tribulations of Spencer, Andrew and Felicity, three housemates in One Western 451, as they navigate the coming academic year at Harvard Business School. Andrew, an EC, worked for Deloitte in Phoenix,…

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Making Travel a Peek Experience

Meet Peek.com – A one-stop shop for travelers looking to discover and book amazing experiences.  As classes come to a close and we start dreaming about summer adventures, don’t let the time consuming process of looking for and booking activities in your travel destinations become a reason to procrastinate. There are better things to push…

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Spider Stories Raises $30,000 to Fund African-Inspired Cartoon Pilot

In 2009, John Agbaje (NA) and his brother Charles founded Central City Tower, an entertainment company devoted to creating original animated adventure stories. Avid artists and storytellers from a young age, the brothers had spent years dreaming up endless characters and worlds and wanted to formalize the intellectual property they had created. After getting their…


Seeking a Job in Start-Up Land

My first time jumping into the start-up world was as a freshly minted Harvard MBA in 1995.  As my classmates were rushing off to high-paying, high-powered jobs on Wall Street, I joined a Series A start-up with 30 employees as a product manager, making $65,000 per year – lower than my pre-MBA salary at management…


CommonBond: The Warby Parker of Student Loans

In the summer of 2011, David Klein had a problem, a problem shared by many MBAs at HBS: high-cost student loans. At the time, he was entering Wharton’s full-time MBA program, poised to start a company before graduating. He unwittingly happened upon the pain point, and ultimate idea, that would just nine months later cause him…

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What We Learned from 100 Small Businesses

A few months ago, we had the idea to connect small and medium sized businesses with students from the top MBA programs in the world and launched HourlyNerd. The basic premise was simple: MBAs need money, have significant business acumen from previous jobs and school, want real-world experience, and have plenty of spare time. Meanwhile,…

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BuildAFlock Launches at HBS to Help Students Spread Their Wings

We’ve all heard of tweeting, but it’s time for HBS students to start flocking. BuildAFlock, a real-world social networking start-up co-founded by Cy Khormaee (OI), Deborah Hsieh (OI), and Shlomi Dinoor (UMass MBA), officially launched on November 29 as a private beta for the HBS community. BuildAFlock is an online platform that takes the administrative…

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Launching and Scaling a Successful Social Venture: Gerald Chertavian, Founder and CEO, Year Up (MBA ’92)

“The untold story of how to create, launch and scale a social venture”- this is how Professor Allen Grossman framed the November discussion with Gerald Chertavian, MBA class of 1992 and Founder of award-winning nonprofit Year Up. Chertavian, who’s organization seeks to close the opportunity divide by equipping urban youth with skills, experience and empowering…

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So What’s the Deal with Spotify, Anyway?

Chris Sumner (NA) reflects on the rapid rise of Spotify and the winners and losers in the face of this ‘freemium’ innovation. Spotify first appeared in the United States twelve months ago. A small Swedish import with a ‘freemium’ music streaming model and an interesting group of backers (including ex-Napsterer Sean Parker), Spotify was a highly…

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From FIELD 3 Concept to Kickstarter Campaign

Most of us have iPads, but most of us don’t  have kids. That’s what I shared with Phyl Georgiou, the co-founder of Tiggly, who explained why I, and any adult that knows a toddler, could find Tiggly’s iPad toddler-toy useful. We all know a two-year old, right? In my case, I know plenty, so I…

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TechMedia Club to Host 8th Annual Cyberposium

The TechMedia Club will host its eighteenth annual Cyberposium on Sunday, November 4th.  The club’s flagship event, entirely student organized, is the largest MBA technology conference in the world and is one of the most attended conferences on Harvard Business School’s campus every year. This year, conference co-chairs Vinay Kashyup, Jason Sorger and Pallavi Kansal…

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