War in Europe

Georgiy Volevach and Noelia Lombardo Gava (MBAs ’22) report on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what you can do to help. Every individual has the power to effect change and show leadership. It is what our democracy is built on and a privilege for which we have fought hard. If you believe there is… Continue reading War in Europe

Student Feedback Prompts Adjustment to New Inclusive Leadership Course

Professors Francesca Gino and Hise Gibson share their reflections on what went well—and not so well—with the RC-wide course. In the third week of Inclusive Leadership—a new RC-wide course on leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion—the faculty team delivered an emotional apology in Klarman Hall. “Our execution has been off in dozens of ways, and we… Continue reading Student Feedback Prompts Adjustment to New Inclusive Leadership Course

An Upgrade to Campus Housing

Harvard Business School - Chase Hall Housing

While the campus population was away making the most of the winter break, HBS Housing was approaching ‘the end of the beginning’ of their ambitious project—state of the art, luxurious dorm rooms for future HBS campus residents. Starting last year, the HBS Housing team began upgrading some of the empty dorm rooms with several important… Continue reading An Upgrade to Campus Housing

The MBA Fund: Fall ’21 Roundup

Arpit Gupta (MBA ’22) shares exciting updates for the early stage fund spurring innovation.The MBA Fund is an early-stage fund that backs student and alumni founders from Harvard, Stanford, and UPenn. We are a community of investors and operators who are not afraid to take the riskiest leaps with founders who are just getting started.… Continue reading The MBA Fund: Fall ’21 Roundup

Quarantine Is Not That Bad

Felipe Cerón (MBA ’22) reports on his holiday encounter with Covid-19. I thought I was immune. I liked to believe so. I had had several close encounters from which I emerged unscathed, and each one gave me more confidence. Well destiny (I believe we can now call it Covid-19) has a funny way of smacking… Continue reading Quarantine Is Not That Bad

Much Ado About Squid Game

As Netflix’s newest binge-worthy sensation took over the HBS community (and the world), the Harbus asked K-drama enthusiast HBS Professor Sandra Sucher to weigh in. You mention in your blog that over the last year you have watched more than two dozen Korean shows. What about K-dramas fascinates you? Let me first admit that a… Continue reading Much Ado About Squid Game

A Boston for Everyone

Comic Books Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

It’s fall, and we’re back in business (school). Boston locals share the must-not-miss experiences in our little neighborhood. A markedly different fall semester took off in late August, with not just RCs arriving on campus but ECs beginning their first classes in person. With Massachusetts declaring itself “fully reopened,” outdoor life largely returned to normal… Continue reading A Boston for Everyone