Dear Harby: The Advice Column for MBAs
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Dear Harby: The Advice Column for MBAs

Dear Harby, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but no one at this school seems to understand what an acceptable gesture is. Last year a classmate I was dating got me three Citigroup preferred shares and a DVD of American Psycho (I mean, really – he couldn’t have at least sprung for Bank of America?). Can…

Media Entrepreneurship In A Time Of Polarization
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Media Entrepreneurship In A Time Of Polarization

People at HBS have always tended to be politically and socially active. Many students speak about a desire to work in the public sector after a successful business career. Others hope to promote change from a position of corporate influence. However, during the 2016 election cycle, the social and political problems in our country began…

Why on Earth Would You Wrestle Crocodiles?
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Why on Earth Would You Wrestle Crocodiles?

I used to wrestle crocodiles. Yes, crocodiles – giant, apex predators that haven’t changed much since the Cretaceous Period. When this factoid from my past comes up in casual conversation in coffee chats or pre-games, I’m usually met with contorted expressions of horror or shock. One classmate, who stumbled upon my blog about my work…

Resolving to be Happy: HBS students could learn to settle a little more
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Resolving to be Happy: HBS students could learn to settle a little more

In the wake of the financial crisis, University of Texas professor Robert Prentice proposed an overhaul of business school rankings based on long-term happiness rather than post-MBA salaries. “Any sensible person would rather be happy than rich,” Prentice wrote in 2009. “Those who choose to attend business school on the assumption that an MBA will…

How Things Work: Machine Learning
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How Things Work: Machine Learning

It all started with the TOM case on Watson. After a class-long discussion on what is Toronto, Anton and I were amazed by how we were able to cover one of the greatest machine learning triumphs in human history without actually talking much about machine learning. When Anton started planning for the new Harbus column…

Young Alums of HBSCNY
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Young Alums of HBSCNY

Did you know the Harvard Business School Club of NY (HBSCNY) is the largest HBS Club in the world with more than 1,300 active members? Plus, as a graduation gift, HBSCNY gives a free one-year membership to recent graduates (currently Class of 2016).  Here are three HBS Alumni that have found success in the Big…

8 Things I wish I’d Known Before my RC Year
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8 Things I wish I’d Known Before my RC Year

Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint If you imagine that life at HBS could be busy – you may well be underestimating how busy it can really be. Before you know it, you will be flooded with cases and endless opportunities to party, travel, meet great new people, pick up new skills, interview for…

I Want To Network (Date) You

I Want To Network (Date) You

A: Hey, great meeting you after the Speaker Series today. I really liked your question at the end. Want to grab dinner sometime? B: Thanks! Great meeting you too. Definitely down for dinner. Hope you like sushi. A: I love sushi. Especially the Dragon Roll at The Grille. But for you, I’m willing to venture…

Revenge of the Nerds
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Revenge of the Nerds

So you think you’ve made it. You struggled and climbed your way to the top of your five year career, only to open a letter one day which reads… ‘It’s a YES!’ Life could not feel any better. You’re an adult, about to embark on a transformational journey with inspirational classmates who you just know…

5 Simple Tips to Take With You When You Graduate
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5 Simple Tips to Take With You When You Graduate

From The Harvard University Employees Credit Union With college graduation on the horizon, now is a time to celebrate and look back on all you’ve accomplished – and it’s also time to set your sights on the future. Offering advice to fresh graduates is a tradition as old as education itself, but sometimes, less is…

Why 6 ECs Designed The Nonprofit Clinic: Tackling Inequality Course (and Why RCs Should Take it Next Year)
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Why 6 ECs Designed The Nonprofit Clinic: Tackling Inequality Course (and Why RCs Should Take it Next Year)

ECs Vatsala Deora, Sara Gentile, Cait Haught, Shannon Nelson, Molly Palmersheim, and Shireen Soheili worked together with professors to design the course this past fall as part of an Independent Project and now the course is a reality. Did you know that almost 80% of HBS alums are asked to serve on a nonprofit board…

Pro-cruit, don’t Re-cruit
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Pro-cruit, don’t Re-cruit

Gong Ke Gouldstone (RC) asks whether we should look for the companies we want, not the companies that come to us. [stag_dropcap font_size=”50px” style=”normal”]H[/stag_dropcap]ow did you feel, as you waited outside a hotel-room-turned-interview-room for your turn?  Was it excitement to have a shot at a dream company?  Was it trepidation at how your non-standard experience…

While RCs Were at FIELD, the Partners Partied in Boston
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While RCs Were at FIELD, the Partners Partied in Boston

Partner columnist Emily Dohse tells RCs what they missed while they were at FIELD. [stag_dropcap font_size=”50px” style=”normal”]W[/stag_dropcap]elcome back, RCs!  Your partners missed you.  Unless of course you’re a partner who got to travel the world with your student, in which case those partners probably didn’t miss anything at all, except the other partners they left…

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By Tewfik Cassis, EC This article originally appeared in OpedSpace on 12/4/14 and is written by their co-founder and columnist, Tewfik Cassis. The Harbus News Corporation has a content-sharing agreement with OpedSpace. Yesterday, as I skimmed through my Facebook news feed, I came across an article in the Financial Times about the death, in Iraq, of an Egyptian ISIS fighter…

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How to Get a Job Without Really Trying

Unfortunately, this article is not a critically-acclaimed Broadway musical starring critically-acclaimed actor Daniel Radcliffe – but, much like life here at HBS, this article will be filled with a combination of great learnings and small disappointments. Second on the list of disappointments? The fact that this article came out too late to guide you to…

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Know What You Don’t Know

I hope you enter the new year with enthusiasm, a sense of purpose, a willingness to go outside your comfort zone to grow and learn, and a feeling of real gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the HBS community. Amidst these feelings of optimism and confidence though, there is another thought that might…

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One Western 451

#DrLivingstoneIPresume Flick: My passport just came back with my visa for Field 2. Accra, here I come! Spencer: I’m not sure what problems Ghana currently has, but a hundred RCs roaming around with clipboards is about to become one of them. Andrew: Our Field Partner in Argentina last year asked us to disrupt the laundry…

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Owning the Problem: Pathway to Happiness

My hunch is that you have already found yourself in a difficult situation that left you angry, confused, frustrated, and maybe even deeply concerned for your own professional standing. It can also happen to us in our important personal relationships. Professional or personal is not the point. Being in a complex, troubling, and confusing high…

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Fleeting Bliss in Beirut

‘Dream as if you’ll life forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow’   Certainly one of the most over-memed (or ‘grammed) quotes out there. Gandhi must be pissed Yet it is also seemingly the most apt way to describe Lebanon’s approach to happiness.   It was perhaps a rather foolhardy visit – the foreign…

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Personal Doorman

Our summer job was to pick up dry cleaning and groceries for other people.  Your next question might be: “You went to HBS for that?”. But that’s what it took to launch ‘Personal Doorman’, our business, which brings hotel service to your home.  Ending the summer more excited than we began – our ride from…

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Raamin Noodles: The Nine Commandments for RC Happiness, as Practiced by the Class of 2014

Howdy, RCs! By now you’re more than a month into classes, and I bet you’re feeling like you’re just getting into the swing of things. You’re beginning to understand which cases you need to read closely (TOM) and which cases you can generally get away with skimming (literally anything else). You’re starting to figure out…

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Making a Difference in Your Community: The Harbus Foundation in 2013-2014

Harvard Business School’s purpose is to educate leaders who “make a difference in the world.” The Harbus Foundation wants students to make a difference in Boston – right here, and right now. The Harbus Foundation is a philanthropic foundation on campus; in fact, it is the only MBA-student-run foundation in the country.  With an endowment…

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Art Among Us | Art on Campus

Art Among Us Art on campus What is art? Why do we look at art? What purpose does art serve? These are centuries-old questions that are still debated by people in the art industry. At HBS, we rarely have the opportunity to discuss these sorts of questions in cases. Nevertheless, the artworks displayed throughout our…

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RC Survival Guide

Greetings, RCs! Welcome to Harvard Business College School! Here is a helpful guide to surviving your first few weeks on campus, as contributed by some successful ECs that we have recruited to re-educate inform you! CLASSES, by Steven Stressful I cannot impress upon you enough how important it is to read every single case…

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Cold Call with RC Molly Rhodes

Cold calls. Your professors love them. You fear them. Your ed rep crushes them. We think it’s about time that this HBS staple gets the rebranding it deserves. Each week, The Harbus will chat with a randomly-selected member of the student body. For this first Cold Call of the school year, Patrick Erker chatted with an old…

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