From the Editors’ Desk: What We’re Thankful For

Pria Bakhshi, Editor-in-Chief
Sumit Malik, Editor-in-Chief

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and the start of the holiday season, it’s a time of reflection here at The Harbus. Beneath the cascade of activity in the final weeks of the semester—a jam-packed agenda of year-end socials, internship applications, papers, and exams—there is a deep undercurrent of gratitude among our editorial team.

We are grateful for the members of the Harvard Business School community whose generosity and enthusiasm are the heartbeat of The Harbus, helping to build a foundation for future leaders to not only create change through action, but also inspire change through words. It speaks volumes that in a place of vast individual opportunity and seemingly unlimited demands on time, HBS students, staff, and alumni step forward day after day to share their ideas, experiences, and wisdom with their peers. Every day we are amazed by our classmates’ stories and the passion and perspective with which they tell them.

One of the most gratifying parts of working with The Harbus is the vantage point that it provides, both looking inwards to campus and peering outwards beyond it. We hear firsthand about the aspirations that brought our classmates to Harvard from every corner of the world and the roles they are playing in tackling some of the most seemingly intractable challenges. We’re constantly reminded of our incredible fortune to be part of this community and the many instances of serendipity that made it possible for us to be here.

This semester, contributors to The Harbus have engaged with ideas that move us deeply and have opined on issues that matter. We’ve heard from champions of public service and democracy, both in the US and abroad. We have watched classmates build startups that are creating safer cosmetics, improving the lives of new parents, and investing in revolutionary technologies. In every issue, we have seen tremendous conviction that even as students, doing our part for a society that has given all of us so much need not wait until tomorrow.

Happy holidays from all of us at The Harbus. We hope the season provides a respite from the flurry of the semester’s home stretch, and brings with it the time to reflect and relax with the friends and family who have been there every step of the way.