FGI Reveal

Akash Gupta, Contributor

The changing leaves and flurry of Instagram posts can only mean one thing at HBS: it’s FGI reveal day. With the Global Experience Office (GEO) now completing matches in October instead of January, HBS students can plan the rest of their travel for the year and avoid using the same Snapchat filters twice. Emily Heaton (MBA ‘19) recalls that last year’s timing created some interesting predicaments:

“I was thrilled in January when I found out I was going to Cape Town for FGI, but it meant that to avoid redundancy I had to cancel my pre-existing spring break plan…I got my visa for my new trek on the last possible day!”

The earlier reveal has helped to de-couple FGI from trek planning, and I’m sure many current RCs are thankful not to be juggling another item on top of classes, interviews, and potentially navigating the tunnels for the first time.

Of course, the students’ enthusiasm for the change pales in comparison to that of the GEO team, who could not wait to send out the locations a full day ahead of schedule. True, the RCs found out their destinations before the reveal due to an email glitch, but seeing students take photos and parade around Batten with 13 different flags reminded me that the magic of FGI wasn’t the reveal. If anything, the glitch showed that the magic was rooted in the shared identity of a truly global HBS class.

Akash Gupta (MBA ’20) is from Houston, TX and worked in the petrochemical industry before coming to HBS. His interests include renewable energy and social enterprise.


November 14, 2018
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