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From the Editors’ Desk: The Harbus Welcomes New Leadership

If there is one constant in the 81 years of The Harbus, it’s that every year brings change. For our writers and editors, the time from the exhilarating first steps on campus, trying to imagine life at HBS, to the fleeting days of second-year winter, unable to imagine the last year-and-a-half in any other place, slips away far too quickly. At The Harbus, winter brings with it the inevitable, bittersweet routine of bidding farewell to our editors on the cusp of graduating, while welcoming a new staff prepared to take the reins.

To our outgoing editorial team, led by Editors-in-Chief Pippa Lamb (HBS ’18) and Nathan Bruschi (HBS ’18), we owe a debt of gratitude. The past year featured many highlights: a redesigned layout with an appearance reminiscent of the classic Harbus of decades past, insightful and differentiated news articles, and powerful editorial content on the most salient business issues of the day. The staff critiqued international politics and economic policy, passed on insights into making the most of a formative yet transitory HBS experience, and weighed in on the critical responsibility of current and future business leaders to take a stand against harassment, prejudice, and discrimination. We are grateful to our readers for constructive dialogue and engagement concerning these topics.

Today, given the unprecedented level of conflict in public opinion, it is more important than ever that leadership in journalism be fiercely incisive, analytically rigorous, and relentlessly moral. It is therefore with great pleasure that we introduce the new Harbus Editors-in-Chief, Sumit Malik (HBS ’19) and Pria Bakhshi (HBS ’19), and their team of topic editors and staff writers. The team brings a broad diversity of thought and backgrounds, but a consistent passion for uncovering what is true and advocating for what is right.

As we turn another page at The Harbus, we are eager to fulfill an ever-evolving vision for the nation’s longest-running business school paper. But above all, we wholeheartedly embrace a proud tradition of informing leaders who—in the spirit of the HBS mission—make a difference in the world.

February 8, 2018
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