Craving Authentic Chinese Food? Try RICEPO

Francois Manil, Contributor

Many of us, dorm residents, don’t realize how privileged we are to be able to sleep, learn and dine without stepping outside at all. If it were not for FGI, it would theoretically be possible to go through the entire RC year without seeing the open-air (!)

After all, we are already supposed to go out of our comfort zone in many classes such as FIELD or LCA, so the expedition to the Square for lunch may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. On the other hand, we like to complain that Spangler is not cozy enough, too salty or closed most of the weekend. UberEats and going out with friends are great options, but not that student-debt-friendly.

No need to worry, though. Your life just became easier. RICEPO, a new food delivery app specializing in East Asian delicacies has emerged as a low-cost alternative for Boston’s penniless student population. RICEPO is a three-sided platform (TOM nostalgia!) connecting local restaurants with drivers and with customers. Not only are delivery fees as low as $2, but the app also offers daily sales on many of the restaurants in its database.

No matter whether you fuel yourself with dumplings, xiao long bao, sushi, or whether you are simply a bubble tea aficionado, your order delivered directly to campus will probably cost you less than what you would pay in-store. It is also noteworthy that most eateries on the RICEPO app offer fairly authentic Asian cuisine, rather than excessively Westernized alternatives.

Originally made by and for the Asian community, the app has, as of late, been working on expanding its customer base. On my first delivery, the driver could not believe that a non-Asian was using RICEPO. But those times are already gone! Tested and approved.

Francois Manil (HBS ’19) has traveled to 50 countries and as many Michelin-starred restaurants. His weirdest culinary experiences include winning an apple stacking competition on Chinese television and eating mustard-flavored worm jelly.


March 8, 2018
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