Administration Apologizes for Icarus Screening Never Meant to Bring Actual Culture to Campus

Chao Hall – The HBS administration apologized this week for what it termed a “severe lapse in judgment” after a screening of the Academy Award-winning documentary Icarus stimulated honest conversation and genuine interest in geopolitical issues among the student body.


“We never intended for this to happen,” remarked administration spokeswoman Phyllis Dean in a statement. “HBS remains committed to promoting unfettered capitalism and the relentless pursuit of profit at all costs, free from any humanistic considerations that might hinder that mission.”


The film, which won this year’s Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, provides an in-depth look at doping in international sports, and a Q&A afterward was derided by students for providing “real food for thought.”


“This is unbelievable,” complained EC Mark Meiwurds. “We all know that all ‘cultural’ events on campus are supposed to be in the Spangler lounge and feature tepid coffee, over-baked pastries and unreadable posters on easels. What’s more, ‘cultural’ is required to be in ironic quotation marks! I can’t believe the school would subject us to actual emotional engagement and critical examination of a win-at-all-costs mentality.”


The administration has provided its reassurances to students that in the future, cultural events will only take place at the Kennedy School and GSD. A screening of Y Tu Mamá También and follow-on discussion on death, sexuality and economic exploitation in Latin America scheduled for April 24 has been cancelled as well.


April 1, 2018
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