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Spotlight on the HBS European Club

Alex Glasner, Contributor

Europe isn’t just a continent: it’s an ideal.

For many people, Europe symbolizes culture, joie de vivre, Eurovision.

Of course, as the Club representing the continent on campus, we have all of this. It is not without reason my predecessors told me that the European Club has gained an unrivaled reputation for fun. This reputation is one that’s spans back decades; just ask Professor Roscini about when he was president of the club.

Yes, our club throws what we (and Business Insider) believe is one of the best parties of any business school; but this in many ways is a tool to bring our club and our society closer together. Bonds formed by mentor and mentee over emails and coffee are cemented with a tipple of alcohol and a beat from the shores of Croatia.

Yet this is just a small part of what we do and why we have become one of the biggest clubs on campus this year.

For me, Europe symbolizes unity.

This is why we have a mentorship scheme – not just helping people ease the transition from the old continent to the new, but so that we can create a community across the years. This is why our ladies’ evenings and nights at the pub have proven a big hit – helping people create the lasting relationships we came to HBS to find. This is why we host EU politicians and businesspeople at HBS and at our annual conference – providing a forum to exchange ideas, disagree without being disagreeable, forge a better future in a world so often wracked with extremism and instability.

This is why, despite my country’s sometimes uneasy relationship with the rest of the European Union, a British person has been at the very top of the club for the last two years (as long as my HBS memory will serve me).

And so, though we may speak different languages – my section’s Europeans speak 8 native languages – Europeans come to HBS together.

And so, though we may not always agree – my first conversation at HBS was with a fellow British person who was in favor of Brexit – there is a community of friends waiting to welcome everyone and looking forward to the next reunion.

The European Club isn’t just a part of the HBS Community. It represents what is very best about it too.

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Alex Glasner (HBS ’18) worked in the the UK Parliament and then finance. Before coming to HBS he spent six months in Taiwan attempting to learn Chinese.

December 19, 2017
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