Profile in Courage: Scribe maintains steely objectivity throughout duration of section cat-fight.

Tracey Mullen, Contributor

Demonstrating extreme professionalism that reflected her high level of training, section scribe Rosemary McDougle maintained a completely placid exterior as she transcribed extended, and indeed indulgent LCA comments between local section enemies Janet Johanson and Mary Fernandez.

“I completely disagree with what Mary just said and find her suggestion not only dangerous but wrong,” McDougle typed into her laptop with a stoicism that would have sent chills down the spine of the most seasoned poker player.

“I think you’re not fully listening to my comment, Janet, and I don’t appreciate being talked down to from skydeck,” McDougle continued typing, ice in her veins, not daring to moved her bespectacled gaze off the screen as she sensed those in section around her exchanging knowing looks, shaking heads, and audible gasps. Sources confirmed that as the tit for tat progressively sucked up airtime, the way an inferno does oxygen from a room, McDougle dutifully held her post, not even flinching when the professor affably tried to intervene and Johanson tersely cut him off.

When reached for comment, in the scribes’ secret underground break room/ broom closet, McDougle, still cool as a cucumber, lit cigarette in hand, would only comment, “F*** that Janet.”