Case Writers Thoughtfully Add and Extra Pages to Every Spring Term RC Case

Judy Manspaliner, Contributor

Citing high student demand for deeper historical background on start-ups, lengthy block quotes from minor case protagonists, and even the minutia on precisely which windows the protagonist is staring out of at the start of a case, head case writer Benedict Cumbersome led his team to increase spring term cases by 25%.

“Not that recruiting is over for all the students whom matter, we wanted to let the RC class enjoy the quiet pleasures of reading out rich narratives we weave around the exoteric and the arcane,” Cumbersome said in an interview from his richly decorated, mahogany office. “Have you seen West World? No? Well, we’re like the geniuses in the Narrative Department — no detail is too small for us to tell in the stories we construct for our guests. Besides, if students just wanted the data necessary for class, they wouldn’t waste their time reading the narratives at all and would instead just jump to the exhibits, the way professors do in class.”

Cumbersome concluded by announcing his teams next most ambitious project: replacing all BGIE cases with a leather-bound library of hardcover books.