Young Alums of HBSCNY

Did you know the Harvard Business School Club of NY (HBSCNY) is the largest HBS Club in the world with more than 1,300 active members? Plus, as a graduation gift, HBSCNY gives a free one-year membership to recent graduates (currently Class of 2016).  Here are three HBS Alumni that have found success in the Big Apple. Who knows, you could be next.

Sarah AroraVersion 2

Class of 2014

Sarah currently serves as the President of the New York Market for GoHealth Urgent Care, which partners with large hospital systems to build out networks of urgent care centers, with the goal of increasing accessibility and lowering patient costs.  She oversees 30 centers in New York and provides operational support to two other markets: San Francisco, CA; and Portland, OR. While at HBS, Sarah was Student Association Co-President and worked toward making HBS a better learning environment.

Her thoughts on:

Succeeding at HBS: “Carve out one hour a month (or more!) to get to know your professors.  They are as fascinating as your HBS peers.”

Life after HBS: “In your first job out of HBS, worry less about contributing in the way you’ve thought about it in the past (powerpoint decks produced, excel models built) and focus more on learning with humility from the environment you’re in.  Find one person whose leadership style you really respect and bribe them into telling you all of their leadership secrets – with lunch, coffee, drinks, whatever.  Also, keep your HBS cases. Believe it or not, they come in handy.”

NYC: “This is my first time living in NY, and I’ve been here for just over two years now.  I’m definitely still in my honeymoon period with the subway, no matter how hot or smelly it is down there.  The subway is the great equalizer. Most of the time it’s faster to take the subway, so I love seeing people from all walks of life riding the train.”

HBSCNY Membership: “HBSCNY does a great job of extending the HBS experience into your professional life.  At HBS, you get used to having access to amazing programs, speakers and social events. HBSCNY has re-created that in NY, with a variety of different ways to engage with fellow alumni.”


Mason Dumason-du

Class of 2014

Mason is an entrepreneur that founded Benbria during his undergrad years. Benbria is a leader in the area of mobile and text customer engagement, helping the world’s greatest retail, hospitality, and restaurant brands to deliver a superior customer experience that goes above and beyond their competitors. He has a joint Harvard Business School Club of New York (HBSCNY) and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York (HBSAANY) membership and serves as the External Relations chair.

His thoughts on:

Life after HBS: “Don’t be afraid to change your career path mid way – be it launching a new venture, going back to school, or getting into a new profession. Some of the most interesting people whom I admire have made drastic changes to their career paths, which oftentimes seem crazy and require a lot of courage. You can divide up your life into 10-15 years chunks and get good at something in each ‘mini life’. The intersection and marriage of different fields are sometimes the most interesting in term of personal discovery and value generation for society at large.”

NYC: On and off I have been in NY for over 10 years. I love the cultural diversity and industry dynamics of the city. It is also a popular hub for business and leisure travelers. Many of my friends from all over the world come to the city often, so it’s great to be able to catch up with them. I live within walking and biking distance to everything. My favorite pastime in the city is jogging and having picnic at Central Park.”

HBSCNY Membership: HBSCNY club has great programming for networking, cultural workshops, professional development and community services. You get to meet alums from all years and all programs. If you are an accredited investor and interested in startups, the HBSAANY membership gives you access to interesting startup companies and can help you get started in Venture Capital or at least get a taste of it!”


Patricia Branch-Zakkourpatricia

Class of 2016

Patricia, a native New Yorker (Brooklyn), is a first-year strategy consultant at Parthenon-Ernst & Young. While at HBS, she was actively involved in leadership of the Africa Business Club and the African-American Students Union, and was a member of the Wine & Cuisine, Christian Fellowship, Retail and Luxury Goods, and Management Consulting Clubs. As a member of the HBSCNY, she is active volunteer in the Community Partners programs, which allows HBS alumni to offer NYC nonprofits cost-free access to the kind of professional expertise they may otherwise not be able to afford.

Her thoughts on:

Succeeding at HBS: The greatest challenge of my HBS experience was time management; I was heavily involved in leading several clubs, planning two conferences, launching a start-up and recruiting for full-time roles in consulting. I wish someone told me that I did not need to attend every company-sponsored event in order to secure an interview. I was under the impression that this would demonstrate sincere interest, but it was totally unnecessary and led to my feeling overwhelmed in the RC year.”

Life after HBS: One piece of advice that I’ve received from several alums is to strive for work/life balance early in your full-time role. Finding time to connect with family and friends, especially after being at HBS for two years, is key to maintaining your network and retaining healthy relationships.”

HBSCNY Membership: Joining HBSCNY allows you to connect with alumni of HBS across all years, both through social events and philanthropic programs such as Community Partners. With all of the hustle and bustle of NYC, it is great to have a network of people with whom you have a unique, shared experience and can build new relationships.”


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