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Women dominate presidencies in RC Section Leadership

The electoral fervor came to campus during September when RC students voted for leadership roles in their sections. Each RC section chose its President, Senator, Educational Rep, Community Values Rep, Student Association Rep, and 13 other positions that will be in charge of leading the pulse of the Section experience.

The electoral process was organized by the HBS Senate, which is the student body that creates and regulates campus legislation to facilitate representation. Similar to previous years, elections were organized in two rounds; President, Senator, Educational Rep, and Community Values Rep were voted in the first round and the rest in the second. All section officers needed at least 50% of votes to be elected. For candidates who didn’t reach the threshold, runoff elections were organized.

Women had high representation in the main leadership roles on campus. Although last year only one woman was elected president, RC sections have now six women presidents. Similarly, women took six positions as Community Values Rep. The Community Values Rep will have increased responsibilities such as addressing topics to create an inclusive environment to students from all economic and social backgrounds, and she will work closely with the Diversity and Inclusion Team of the Student Association.

When compared to previous years, some modifications were made. Among the changes, every section has now a Media Rep, the name of WSA Rep was changed to Women’s Rep, the name of Leadership and Values Rep was changed to Community Values Rep, and the SA Rep has increased responsibilities. The following table shows the full list of officers in the RC class.




President Serrena Iyer Lindsey Brown Nelly-Ange Kontchou Alonso Lucero Barbara Obregon
Senator Ina Foalea Eduardo Russian Mike Helou Matthew Killian Drew Rothaus
Community Values Rep Alison Shin Lizzie Gaisman Rebecca Scharfstein Chris Cheng Justin Major
Education Rep Alexandra Landon Maria Goodpaster Jon Schechter APEKSHA KOTHARI Julie Ann Haldeman
Social Chair (1) Monica Castaneda Saskia Carleburr Francisco Del Rio Liz Ahern Prab Chawla
Social Chair (2) Josh Parker Alison Rapaport Fabian Frick Samantha Kaminsky Kelly O’Grady
Treasurer Pieterjan Goedertier William Engel Adam Shpiro Luke Hodges Paige Sopcic
Women’s Rep Michelle Lee Rebecca Feickert Lena Guerriero Nishita Palkar Diya Sikka
International Rep Graham Fairbairn Luiza de Vasconcellos Wissam Abourizk Selene Kim Yoni Wehbe Yahchouchi
Admissions Rep (1) Kristen Gendron Jose Moreno Tracy Williams Karyn E. Smith Regan Rau
Admissions Rep (2) Tiana Williams Josue Gil Deza Zach Sarnoff Monte Desai Wilson Kyi
Service Rep Joy Li Erica Federman Daniela Sovoia Ruth Isenstadt Sara Schewe
SA Rep Kim Chisholm MayC Huang Brian Yeh Anita Sapre Madhur Agarwal
Career Rep Tara Soni Laura Barnes David Chan Karan Ahuja Maciej Stanksi
Athletic Rep Will Young John Byce Mitchell Smith Nico Berardi Kelly Valencia
Media Rep Tatiana Cooke Orianne Montaubin Neil Tuli Lady Learned Camilla Kalvaria
Tech Rep Tatiana Cooke Hari Ganesh Sathyendran  Not filled Victoria Chen Peter Hong

President Alexander Styk Phil Caruso Maria Fulwiler Denzil Sikka Andrew Levette
Senator Kiernan Schmitt Anant Vidur Puri Jenn Volk Stephen Temple Sarah Philips
Community Values Rep Sanchali Pal Angelo Carino Scott Buckley Elise McDonald Edith Shi
Education Rep Nick Gattas Anisa Moolani Vasi Karkantzos Irene Keskinen Olga Kogan
Social Chair (1) Raunaq  Palejwala Mizuho Kanai Brandon Aust Deviyani Misra-Godwin Pierre Thys
Social Chair (2) Amrita Vir Phil Piro Shannon O’Connell Felipe Delgado Caroline Schwarzman
Treasurer Duane Teixeira Paul Finnegan Pierre Estey Shray Gulati Ellyn Creasey
Women’s Rep Joanna Beasley Kavya Relan Hartley Stahel Alison MacLeod Meredith English
International Rep Estelle Merle Katharina Wilhelm Shreya Saraf Clarisse Neu Juan Hidalgo
Admissions Rep (1) George Hanscom Kat Franklin Brittany Williams Amit Megiddo Yunuen Lizcano
Admissions Rep (2) Ariana Tiwari Emily Scofield Joycelyn Eby Phoebe Peronto Alyssa Puccinelli
Service Rep Caroline Hanamirian Drew Fink Craig Maughan Elizabeth Thomas Sarah Yu
SA Rep Afua Ahwoi Jason Price Caroline McDowell Eric Chavez Katherine Cheng
Career Rep Sam Merkel Lisa Wang Gennifer Tsoi Hunter Richard Lindsay Barhold
Athletic Rep Zack Jackson Pat Delahunt JK Delegas Jose Sanchez Jackie Bereiter
Media Rep Aparna Bansal Alex Rosenthal Nathan Bruschi Sophia Branes Ben Arevalo
Tech Rep Jessica Noglows Max Egan Pasha Nahass Anita Mehrotra Zach Herbert


Rafael Rivera (HBS-HKS ’17) is an EC from Old Section C who loves dancing salsa, traveling, and talking about politics. Prior to HBS, Rafael worked for McKinsey & Company in the offices of Mexico City, Mumbai, and Dubai, and for the World Bank in Cambodia. He spent this summer at Goldman Sachs in New York. He’s the Head Senator of the HBS Senate and he plans to work in the public sector in Mexico some day in the far future.


October 18, 2016
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