Jam Session with Three Case Day

Alice Yen
Alice Yen

Since seeing their first concert, I’ve been wanting to sit down with the HBS Band – Three Case Day – to learn more about them and hear what they have in store for their next concert on December 5th.

Who makes up the HBS Band, Three Case Day?

“There are seven of us and we’re all ECs. Dan Martin plays drums, Steve Fuertes plays bass and sings, Michael Streit plays keys, Dino Bilankov plays guitar, and Sabrina Yessayan, Stephanie Chan, and Stephanie Liu are the lead singers.”

Wow, that’s quite a group. How did you guys find each other?

“It was a gradual process. During the summer before RC year, Dino posted on the HBS Facebook group to coordinate a jam session for those interested in music. We started as an acoustic group with Dino, Steve, and the three ladies. At the end of RC fall semester, Stephanie Liu ran into Dan in the McCulloch Common Room (both not studying for finals) and invited him to our next rehearsal. Michael joined soon after and we all just fit together like magic. “

How does the group select its songs?

“We’re a cover band so we aim to pick songs that our classmates enjoy and can dance / sing along to during our shows. We’ve built a pretty eclectic mix between pop, classic rock, indie, rap, mash-ups, 80s, top 40, etc. to help ensure everyone has a favorite.”

Can you provide some examples of songs you cover?

“We have a repertoire of about 30 songs. Some classics are Don’t Stop Believing, Livin’ on a Prayer, a Survivor mash-up, Lady Marmalade, Lose Yourself, Halo, Bad Romance, Since You’ve Been Gone, Seven Nation Army, etc. to name a few. We are working on several new songs for our December show and until then, those are being kept secret. “

Why the name “Three Case Day”?

“It’s simple. “Erik Peterson and The Bad Decisions” received less votes. Also, when you’re knee deep in RC year, your brain is just wired to churn out HBS puns.”

How often does the band rehearse and play gigs?

“We rehearse 3 hours/week in a rehearsal studio – and usually about 6-9 hours/week as we approach a show. We aim for a couple shows per semester at various venues, like Phoenix Landing and Middle East. We have some exciting events lined up for next semester – so stay tuned!”

Have any of you been in bands before? 

“We’ve all been involved with music prior to HBS and some of us have been in previous bands – both covers and original music.”

Where can we catch your next concert?

“Our end-of-semester concert is Monday, December 5 at Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge at 472 Massachusetts Avenue. You can buy tickets online for $15 at https://goo.gl/7GcAju

Take it from me – you don’t want to miss the Three Case Day concert on December 5th!



Alice Yen (HBS ’17) is a second-year interested in healthcare and technology. Prior to HBS, she lived in San Francisco. In her spare time, Alice enjoys writing, dancing, and hiking.Harbus-Logo-150x150